Mega Millions Results, Numbers for 12/10/2019: Did Anyone Win the Jackpot on Tuesday (Last) Night?

Did anyone win the Mega Millions lottery jackpot in last (Tuesday) night's draw? The jackpot was an estimated $314 million with a cash option of $212.3 million. The Mega Millions winning numbers for last night were 18, 31, 46, 54, and 61, the Mega Ball was 25 and the Megaplier was 2x.

Nobody matched five balls and the Mega Ball so nobody won the jackpot. Because nobody won the grand prize, the jackpot has rolled over and is now worth an estimated $340 million with a cash option of $230.8 million. However, two people matched five balls so each won $1 million. The winning tickets were purchased in California and Wisconsin.

Twenty-five people matched four balls and the Mega Ball so each won $10,000. Four people matched four balls and the Mega Ball and used the Megaplier, so their prizes were doubled to $20,000.

More than 500 people won $500 and nearly 100 people doubled this prize to $1,000. Additionally, more than 1,400 people won $200 and nearly 200 people doubled this to $400.

More than 66,000 people won $10 and nearly 10,000 people doubled this to $20. Finally, nearly 240,000 people won $4 with around 36,000 doubling this to $8, and more than 600,000 people won $2 with more than 90,000 people doubling their prize to $4.

There are nine prize tiers from $2 to the jackpot. All prizes, except for the jackpot, can be multiplied if the winner played with a Megaplier. The Megaplier is either 2x, 3x, 4x or 5x times and this number is chosen randomly just before the drawing. The Megaplier costs an additional $1 per play, with each play costing $2.

Mega Millions Lottery Ticket
A Mega Millions lottery ticket is printed in California. Kevork Djansezian/Getty

What do you do if you have the Mega Millions jackpot-winning ticket?

If you win the Mega Millions, you must claim your prize within the same lottery jurisdiction in which you bought your ticket. The jackpot must be claimed at a lottery office or lottery HQ and can be claimed as an annuity or cash prize.

The annuity will be paid out as one initial payment followed by 29 annual graduated payments which will increase by five percent each time. The cash prize is of a lesser value but can be claimed in one payment.

Who was the $1.5 billion Mega Millions winner?

The $1.5 billion jackpot which was won in October 2018 was initially left unclaimed. However, in March 2019, the anonymous winner from South Carolina claimed their prize as an $877,784,124 lump sum.

The winner was allowed to remain anonymous due to South Carolina state laws, and it is thought that the winner waited so long to claim their prize due to the complexities and potential complications of winning the lottery. The winner claimed their prize with the help of "lottery lawyer" Jason M. Kurland.