Mega Millions Results, Numbers for 2/25/20: Did Anyone Win the $55 Million Jackpot on Tuesday (Last) Night?

The winning numbers from last night's Mega Millions lottery draw were 2, 9, 43, 49, and 63, and the Mega Ball was 15. The jackpot was an estimated $55 million with a cash-value option of $39.3 million, but did anyone win the grand prize?

Nobody won the jackpot last night, so now the Mega Millions jackpot amount is an estimated $60 million with a cash option of $42.9 million. Additionally, nobody matched five numbers to win $1 million either.

However, eight people matched four numbers and the Mega Ball and won $10,000 each. Of these eight people, two players used the Megaplier, which last night was X2, to double their prizes to $20,000.

More than 200 players won $500 each by matching four balls and more than 30 of these players doubled their prizes using the Megaplier. More than 550 people won $200 each by matching three numbers and the Mega Ball and more than 100 of these players won $400 using the Megaplier.

Hundreds of thousands of players won smaller prizes, too. More than 467,000 players won prizes ranging from $2 to $20 by matching various combinations of numbers from just the Mega Ball to three numbers.

Mega Millions lottery ticket
A man holds a bundle of Mega Millions lottery tickets that he just purchased March 6, 2007, in San Francisco, California. Justin Sullivan/Getty

How to play the Mega Millions lottery

The next Mega Millions drawing is on Friday at 11 p.m. EST. To play in the next Mega Millions draw, purchase a ticket from a licensed lottery retailer for $2, with the option of adding a Megaplier to your ticket for $1. The deadline for ticket sales vary by jurisdiction but are typically between an hour or two before the draw.

Choose five numbers from one through 70 for the white balls and one number from one through 25 for the Mega Ball. Players win a prize on their ticket if they match a combination of numbers including all five, three numbers plus the Mega Ball, or just the Mega Ball. The odds of winning a prize in a Mega Millions drawing are one in 24.

Mega Millions Lottery Winners

The Mega Millions lottery began on May 17, 2002, when a player won the $28 million jackpot in the first draw. Since then, more than 200 tickets have matched all numbers to win the jackpot. Mega Millions has awarded 19 jackpots of more than $300 million, with the biggest jackpot ever won worth a huge $1.537 billion.

For some lottery luck, try playing Mega Millions on a Friday 13 in Michigan. Six jackpots have been won on a Friday 13, with four of the tickets being purchased in Michigan. The other two Friday 13 jackpot winners purchased their tickets in New York and Ohio, and one Michigan jackpot was shared with a ticket purchased in Rhode Island.

Last year, seven jackpots were won, in New York, New Jersey, Missouri, California, New Hampshire, Texas, and Ohio. In 2018, five tickets purchased in Florida, New Jersey, Ohio, California, and South Carolina won jackpot prizes.

This year, the first Mega Millions jackpot was won on February 11 when a ticket sold in New Jersey won $202 million.