Mega Millions Results, Numbers for 1/14/20: Did Anyone Win the $91 Million Jackpot on Tuesday (Last) Night?

The Mega Millions draw took place on Tuesday (last) night and the winning numbers were 9, 11, 13, 31, and 47, and the Mega Ball was 11. The jackpot was an estimated $91 million with a cash option of $61.4 million, and the Megaplier was X2, but did anyone win?

Nobody won the jackpot, but one person, whose ticket was purchased in Virginia, matched five numbers to win $1 million. Twelve players matched four balls and the Mega Ball and won $10,000 each and an additional five players did this using the Megaplier, so doubled their prize money to $20,000 each.

More than four hundred people won $500 by matching four balls, and nearly 100 additional people doubled this prize to $1,000 using the Megaplier. More than 1,200 people won $200 by matching three balls and the Megaplier, and more than 260 people used the Megaplier, doubling this prize to $400.

An additional 569,048 tickets won prizes ranging from $2 to $20, by matching numbers ranging from just the Mega Ball to three balls.

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As nobody won the grand prize, the jackpot will roll over to the next drawing, on Friday, January 17, at 11 p.m. EST, when it will be worth an estimated $103 million with a cash option of $69.5 million.

When somebody wins the Mega Millions jackpot, they have the option of claiming their prize as an annuity, which is made up of one initial payment followed by 29 annual graduated payments, or they can claim the prize as one lump sum which is paid out in one go.

Mega Millions ticket
Mega Millions lottery tickets in a store. Drew Angerer/Getty

How to play the Mega Millions lottery?

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To play the Mega Millions lottery, players must purchase a ticket from a licensed lottery retailer for $2. They should choose five numbers from one through 70 and one number from one through 25 for the Mega Ball, and they can choose the numbers or have them randomly selected.

There are nine prize levels, from the jackpot to $2, and the jackpot begins at $40 million and increases by at least $5 million each time it is not won. All prizes, apart from the jackpot, can be multiplied by using the Megaplier, for an additional $1 per play.

The Megaplier multiplies prizes by 2, 3, 4 or 5 times, and the Megaplier number is chosen right before the drawing. For example, if a player matches four balls and the Mega Ball they would win $10,000. But if this player purchases the Megaplier with their ticket and the Megaplier number that night is X4, the player's prize will be multiplied to $40,000.

In 2019, seven jackpots were won by individuals and groups of people. The largest jackpot won last year was on June 7, when Laarni Bilal won $522 million, or $340.0 million cash, on a ticket purchased in San Diego, California.

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