Meghan McCain and 'The View' Co-Hosts Express Approval Of 'SNL' Talk Show Parody

Saturday Night Live parodied The View this weekend, and while you might expect the real-life co-hosts of the long-running ABC chat show would bristle at the idea of seeing themselves and their behaviors lampooned on live TV, View co-host Meghan McCain celebrated the parody.

McCain commented on the sketch on her Twitter account Sunday morning, calling the feature an "honor."

"I'm not supposed to be on twitter because of hiatus BUT this sketch is hilarious, and being parodied by @SNL is a huge pop cultural honor. - Signed, your old intern and "the princess of Arizona," McCain wrote.

McCain's commenters were quick to support her decision to stand behind the parody. Many claimed they've been long-time, daily viewers of The View and also found the sketch hilarious. Other, though, claimed it's not an honor to be featured by Saturday Night Live and cited McCain's past behavior on the talk show as embarrassing.

The sketch featured Kate McKinnon as Joy Behar, Melissa Villaseñor as Ana Navarro, Aidy Bryant as McCain, Leslie Jones as Whoopi Goldberg and Cecily Strong as Abby Huntsman. The sketch began with Jones, as Goldberg, claiming she's "surprised as you [The View] is a fit" for her.

In a conversation about Trump and Kirstjen Nielsen, each comedian injected their humor into the women of The View. When the conversation came to Bryant, she began with a joke about McCain's home state.

"Can I just say something as the Princess of Arizona?" Bryant, as McCain, said. "There is a crisis at the border, and the border is right up in my Arizona, which was founded on sunburnt women selling turquoise jewelry, not rando Mexicans."

Bryant continued. "And that's not racist because my makeup artist is gay."

McKinnon as Behar said the comment is "demonizing entire countries full of nice people," to which Bryant fought back.

"I did not say that," she started, with a quick battle for the floor between her and McKinnon. "It's actually your job to listen to me," the fake McCain ended the conversation. To break the tension, Jones sprayed members of the cast with a spray bottle.

Jones spoke. "We're not going to do this," she explained. "We are five best friends with nothing in common."

McCain was not the only real-life member of The View to comment on the parody. Behar tweeted about the sketch Sunday morning. "Finally an actual female is playing me. Thank you Kate," she wrote.

Navarro also commented. "Took too long, but am so glad to FINALLY see a bad-ass Latina comedian on @nbcsnl, I don't even mind @melissavcomedy spoofing my daily tirades," she wrote on Twitter. "All in good fun. Laughter's good for the soul. Yes! What Trump (I prefer #PresidentLoco), is doing at border, is shameful. It is nasty!"

Huntsman responded as well, and mentioned one of the jokes from the parody in her own tweet. "As a human mom this was hilarious," she wrote.