Meghan McCain Claims Collusion Is Legal During 'The View' Talk Of Trump And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Meghan McCain started a disagreement when she claimed collusion is legal during a conversation with her The View co-hosts, who were quick to counter the daughter of the former senator John McCain. The conversation on Tuesday started with a note on President Donald Trump in the wake of his former lawyer, Michael Cohen, testifying before Congress.

Collusion, by definition, is "secret agreement or cooperation especially for an illegal or deceitful purpose," according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The View co-host Ana Navarro started the conversation. "The intelligence committee has a duty to investigate whether this campaign of Trump's colluded with Russia," she began. "The oversight committee, I think, should do what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is saying they should do, and what you guys are saying: follow the money."

McCain followed up with her comment. "Collusion is not a crime, though," interjected McCain. "It makes me angry as well. I think if you collude with a foreign adversary, you know the problem I have with that. But it is not a crime."

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Throughout Trump's reign as president, the word collusion has surfaced more than a handful of times. Legal experts are torn on if collusion is the correct terminology for his alleged actions. In fact, some agree with McCain that collusion is not a federal crime, according to a July 2017 investigation by Politico. Others think collusion in the Trump administration was sheltered by a Fox News conversation in June 2017, which wrongfully claimed collusion is legal.

Richard Nixon's White House counsel, John W. Dean, expanded on this in the conversation with Politico. "It was the fake legal analysis by Fox News in June—claiming that "collusion" with a foreign government violated no law—that prompted me to look," he wrote. "Surely Foxknows it fooled only fools. Collusion is the descriptive word the news media has settled on to cover many potential illegal actions by the Trump campaign."

Sunny Hostin chimed in and counter-argued McCain's point. "But conspiracy to collude is [a crime]," Hostin explained. "That's why Trump is using that, that's why he's saying, 'collusion, collusion, collusion, there's not going to be collusion,' because he's duping the American people. Textbook, it's not a crime, but conspiracy with a foreign government is."

During the conversation, McCain agreed with the tactics of congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is aiming to "follow the money" in Trump's former financial transactions. "She's on the right track," McCain explained. "Follow the money. Stop worrying about 'collusion.'"

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Meghan McCain Claims Collusion Is Legal During 'The View' Talk Of Trump And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez | Culture