Melania Trump's Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham Violated Hatch Act With 'Make America Great Again' Tweet

Melania Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham violated the Hatch Act, the U.S. Office of Special Counsel confirmed on Thursday.

The affirmation comes two months after Senator Tom Carper filed a complaint that Grisham was in violation of the ethics law when she used her official Twitter account to post a message that included Donald Trump's 2016 campaign slogan "Make America Great Again."

Grisham's post from July 11 read: "Three years ago today I listened to my gut & joined the Trump team in #PHX ... & life has never been the same. So proud to work for both @POTUS @realDonaldTrump & @FLOTUS #MAGA." The tweet was made from her account, @StephGrisham45, which she uses in an official capacity as the first lady's communications director.

"For the reasons explained below, OSC has concluded that Ms. Grisham's tweet violated the Hatch Act. In response we issued her a warning letter," the agency explained in a letter addressed to Carper.

The Hatch Act is supposed to stop federal employees who work for the executive branch from affecting elections or engaging in political activities in a partisan manner. The rule is a workplace guideline and violating it is not a crime.

The OSC recently released social media guidelines for federal employees, alerting them that they are prohibited from using an official social media account to participate in political activity. They also cannot tweet, retweet, share or like a post that solicits political contributions.

Only the president and the vice president do not have to follow the rules set in place by the Hatch Act.

Grisham is not the only Trump administration staffer to have been found in violation of the rule. Kellyanne Conway broke the rule in March and in 2017 social media director Dan Scavino and U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley both received warnings from the OSC for their tweets.

Senator Carper tweeted the news, writing: "Two months after my inquiry, the @US_OSC has confirmed that yet another Trump White House staffer has violated the Hatch Act. This administration's blatant and repeated disregard for the law is astounding and unacceptable."

The lawmaker continued, writing in a separate post that the American public should "be able to trust that those who serve in the highest positions in our government will follow the law. Instead, this administration seems to promote a culture were showing that basic level of respect for the American taxpayer is optional."

Grisham has been the first lady's communications director since 2017 and was a member of President Donald Trump's transitional team after he was elected in 2016.

Melania Trump's Spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham Violated Hatch Act With 'Make America Great Again' Tweet | U.S.