Melania Trump Spokesperson Breaks Silence on Stormy Daniels Interview: Leave Barron Out of It

Melania Trump has remained silent throughout reports of an alleged affair between her husband, President Donald Trump, and porn star Stormy Daniels. However, just hours after the airing on Sunday of an interview with Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, the first lady sought to address the speculation through her spokesperson.

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"While I know the media is enjoying speculation & salacious gossip, Id like to remind people there's a minor child who's [sic] name should be kept out of news stories when at all possible," Stephanie Grisham wrote on Twitter.

Grisham was referring to the Trumps' only child together, Barron, who turned 12 just last week. A number of reports about the alleged affair have mentioned Barron because of when Daniels has said her relations with Trump took place. Daniels repeated her assertion on CBS's 60 Minutes that the alleged affair with Trump began in the summer of 2006, just months after Melania had given birth.

Daniels told Anderson Cooper during the interview that she asked Trump about his wife and new child but said he didn't seem particularly concerned.

"I asked," she said. "And he brushed it aside, said, 'Oh yeah, yeah, you know, don't worry about that. We don't even—we have separate rooms and stuff.'"

Trump has also been accused of having an affair with former Playboy model Karen McDougal around the same time. Speaking on CNN last week, McDougal apologized to the first lady for the alleged affair.

"What can you say except I'm sorry?" she said. "I'm sorry. I wouldn't want it done to me."

Barron wasn't the only Trump child to come up during Daniels's interview Sunday. The 39-year-old also claimed that, after she spanked him with a magazine bearing his face, Trump compared her to his daughter—presumably his eldest daughter, Ivanka.

"He was like, 'Wow, you are special. You remind me of my daughter,'" Clifford recalled Trump saying. "You know—he was like, 'You're smart and beautiful, and a woman to be reckoned with, and I like you. I like you.'"

Melania Trump Spokesperson Breaks Silence on Stormy Daniels Interview: Leave Barron Out of It | U.S.