Melania Trump's Plane Filled With Smoke, Diverted to Andrews Air Force Base

melania trump plane mechanical issue
First lady Melania Trump attends a Federal Partners in Bullying Prevention summit at the Health Resources and Service Administration, in Rockville, Maryland, on August 20. On Wednesday, the first lady’s plane had to return to Andrews Air Force Base after a mechanical issue caused the cabin to smell like smoke. Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

On Wednesday, first lady Melania Trump's plane returned to Andrews Air Force Base shortly after takeoff due to a mechanical issue that left a thin haze of smoke in the cabin.

Trump was traveling to Philadelphia on Wednesday morning, but about 10 minutes into the flight, the captain decided to turn the plane around and return to Prince George's County, Maryland, where Andrews Air Force Base is located, according to NBC News.

UPDATE: First Lady’s plane has landed at Andrews AFB after diverting back due to what is being described as a “mechanical issue.”

— NBC News (@NBCNews) October 17, 2018

A pool report shared on Twitter by CNN White House correspondent Abby Phillip stated that reporters aboard the plane saw a few Secret Service officers head toward the plane's front. Only a few moments later, they saw a thin haze of smoke and there was a burning smell, which quickly became more pungent.

The press members were given wet towels and were told to cover their faces with the towel if the smell became unbearable. A crew member told the pool reporter that the burning smell was coming from a "malfunctioning comms unit" that overheated. However, the pool report noted that the White House had not confirmed that information.

Fortunately, within minutes, the smoke cleared and the smell dissipated. Trump's spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham told Newsweek, "Everything is fine and everyone is safe."

Regarding this morning’s incident with @FLOTUS plane to Philly, which made an emergency return to @AndrewsAFB minutes after takeoff after smoke entered the cabin, @StephGrisham45 tells, CNN it was a “minor mechanical issue. Everything is fine and everyone is safe.”

— Kate Bennett (@KateBennett_DC) October 17, 2018

Shortly before 9:15 a.m. EDT, NBC News reported Trump's plane landed safely at Andrews Air Force Base, and the pool report initially said the trip is being reevaluated. However, Monica Alba, a member of NBC News's White House team, tweeted that Trump will still be traveling to Philadelphia today, although a different aircraft might be used for the trip.

First Lady Melania Trump will still be traveling to Philadelphia today, per pool. Here’s a photo of @FLOTUS deplaning after the minor smoke issue on the first plane. They may now take a different aircraft for the trip.

— Monica Alba (@albamonica) October 17, 2018