Melissa Joan Hart Says She 'Never Said' Anti-Semitic Remarks About Her Son's Jewish Classmate

Melissa Joan Hart denied making anti-semitic remarks about her son, Mason's, Jewish classmate. 

The comments in question came after Hart's January 2 appearance on the "Journeys of Faith with Paula Farris" podcast. The Sabrina the Teenage Witch alum recalled when Mason was attending a new school after being enrolled at Christian pre-school. "We don't know if their people are good people. We don't know if they believe in Jesus," she recalled telling Mason before his first day.

On his first day, Mason made friends with a Jewish boy. However, Mason didn't understand how he'd make it to heaven if he didn't believe in Jesus. Hart claimed her son "really took the Jesus part to heart."

"When a mom [of the child] called me with a problem in sixth grade I was like well, 'Do I regret telling my son that we don't know if people believe in Jesus, so we don’t know their character?'" Hart, 42, said. "'Is that a wrong thing to say? Did I set my son on the wrong path or was that the right thing to say and I should defend that?'"

Hart naturally received a wave of backlash on social media. With this, she later addressed the controversy by responding to a fan's concerns in the comments section of an Instagram post from January 5. 

Melissa Joan Hart anti-semitic comments Melissa Joan Hart was accused of making anti-semitic remarks in regards to son's Jewish classmate. Here, Hart is pictured attending the premiere of Disney's 'Nutcracker And The Four Realms' at the Ray Dolby Ballroom on October 29, 2018, in Hollywood, California. Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

"I've been studying religion for the past 8 years and am learning more every day. I try to never judge anyone … unless they put ice in their wine … but I was simply telling my son that we knew the people at his old school, even down to their faith beliefs," she wrote. "The new kids in school, we didn't know a thing about so he was going to have to judge for himself."

Hart continued, adding: "In the podcast, I talk about how he focused in on the Jesus part and it opened up discussions with friends and neighbors that might be tricky for children to navigate. I never said Christians are superior. Just trying to explain better."

Hart was raised Catholic, but she's now a practicing Presbyterian. In September 2018, she spoke with Patheos about how shes raised her children to hold Christian beliefs. Mason, now 12, is the eldest of Hart's children. Her and husband Mark Wilkerson are also parents to Braydon, 10, and Tucker, 6. 

"We make a habit of going to church together as a family," she explained. "Before we had children, we made that a priority. Once we had children, it got harder, but we also liked to make the time because we could drop them off in the nursery and go in and get that hour to ourselves to really savor God's truth," she explained. "With every child, it got more and more difficult, but finding a church that had a nursery, that gave us that moment to calm our souls and collect ourselves."

In this interview, she also noted how she has friends with many different religious backgrounds, including Jewish and atheist. She claimed that having conversations about such differences with her children was necessary, adding: "Learning about it, seeing where the differences lie, and having that conversation about here's what I believe—not in a way that one's superior to the other, but in a discussion and dialogue that I think is lacking today." 

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