Suspects in the Deadly Twin Peaks Shooting in Waco, Texas

Clockwise from top left, Waco biker shooting suspects Blake Taylor, Bohar Crump, Clayton Reed, Dusty Oehlert, Diego Obledo and David Cepeda. Mclennan County Sheriff's Office

Authorities are investigating Sunday's deadly shooting at a Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas that involved five biker gangs. Nine people died, more than a dozen were injured and numerous businesses had to be shuttered as a result of the incident.

In total, 192 biker gang members were arrested. Though authorities have not publicly named the gangs involved, reports indicate the Bandidos Motorcycle Club was one of them, as was the Cossacks. It is believed some of the gangs worked together against others during the brawl.

Waco biker shooting suspects clockwise from top left: Richard Cantu, Richard Luther, Rolando Reyes, Tom Mendez, Sandra Lynch, Salvador Campos. Mclennan County Sheriff's Office

The gangs have been linked to criminal activity. In particular, the Bandidos are known for drug smuggling. About 100 weapons were recovered from the scene.

Waco biker shooting suspects clockwise from top left: Mario Gonzalez, Marshall Mitchell, Matthew Folse, Ray Allen, Michael Lynch, Michael Herring. Mclennan County Sheriff's Office

There has been in indication as to whether a ring leader has been identified among those arrested. The majority of the suspects are white men, though several Latino men and one women also appear in mug shots.

Waco biker shooting suspects clockwise from top left: Jimmy Pond, Jimmy Spencer, Jonathan Lopez, Larry Pina, Kyle Smith, Juan Garcia. Mclennan County Sheriff's Office

The Bandidos and Cossacks fought in another Texas restaurant in 2013, NBC reported. Two people were stabbed in that incident.

Waco biker shooting suspects clockwise from top left: Eleazar Martinez, James David, James Devoll, Jim Harris, Jerry Pollard, James Gray. Mclennan County Sheriff's Office