Two Men Charged Over Illegal Surgery on Male Victim's Genitalia

Two men from Oklahoma are accused of performing unlawful surgery on a male victim's genitalia.

Thomas Evans Gates, 42, and Bobby Lee Allen, 53, were arrested as they tried to visit the alleged victim in hospital. They were detained on charges including medical battery, maiming and desecration of a human member.

Local sheriff Rodney Derryberry said that during a police search of their home on October 15, officers found "evidence of surgeries being performed inside the residence."

Investigators are searching for other alleged victims who may have been operated on although there has so far been only one confirmed case. The two men do not have any type of medical license or certification, police said.

The alleged victim, who police claimed was transferred to the hospital by the two suspects, is said to be in a stable condition.

Derryberry said that there was a large amount of electronic evidence collected and the sheriff's office had requested help from other agencies, including the FBI, with the investigation described as "ongoing."

The couple were not believed to have charged for the alleged surgery, but Derryberry said a website had been set up which charged a membership fee.

Asked if the alleged procedure was a form of sex change operation, Derryberry responded: "I would say they were performing some type of surgery which they had no license to perform."

The sheriff added: "I'll say this, it ain't what you expect, but I've done this job for almost 30 years, and everyday is a learning experience, you never know what to expect."

The men, from the town of Wister, Oklahoma, who are married, are being held at the Le Flore County Detention Center, on the eastern edge of the state, close to the border with Arkansas.

The full list of charges against the men are medical battery; maiming, aggravated; assault and battery with a dangerous weapon resulting in great bodily injury; conspiracy; desecration of a human member; outraging public decency with gross injury; possession of controlled dangerous substance/paraphernalia.

A court date has been set for October 23 with a bond of $295,000.

In a post on the Le Flore County Sheriff Office's Facebook page, a spokesperson said: "We continue to work day and night to keep LeFlore County Safe! Our department is working hard on this continuing investigation! Thank you to the District 16 DA's Office and the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics for assisting in this case!"

Newsweek contacted the LeFlore County Sheriff's Office for additional comment.