Men Leave Internet in Hysterics With Risky Way of Removing Sofa From House

A video showing a group of men attempting to remove a sofa from a second floor window has gone viral online, surpassing 630,400 views.

The clip was posted by a man called Cillian, who is known on the app as Cillian_GC, and begins with a shot of a residential street in Dublin, Ireland.

Text overlaying the clip, which can be watched here, reads: "Only in Dublin," and he then zooms in on a house where two men are standing on a brick fence.

The pair are holding brooms aloft, using them to support a large black leather sofa that another man is lowering out of a second floor window.

Cillian captioned the hilarious scene, writing: "Dublin's great #dublin #ireland."

The footage has gained lots of traction online since it was posted on September 26, having been liked more than 36,700 times.

Many people have also rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the funny clip.

One TikTok user, Be Pierced Official, wrote: "When you leave the uncles unsupervised."

Another person, Dough, added: "It worked saved hours cause it obviously didn't fit through a door so they would have had to take it apart. They have a big brain."

Conner Stewart revealed: "That's my dad lowering it down with his brother and the neighbor on the bottom."

Bloopers typed: "Wish I'd as much faith as they have in them sweeping brushes and their balance," alongside laughing-face emojis.

Human tagged a friend and joked: "I wouldn't be surprised if I came home one day and see you putting the couch in like that [laughing-face emoji]."

JoGlyn asked: "Is it going in or going out? Or are they trying to make up their minds."

Martina S Plunkett explained: "Emm, so, my brother and I popped out his sitting room window last September to swop the suites. Took 10 mins window popped straight back."

JD commented: "Work with what you got, anyone else waiting for it to fall? and then realize they actually had this squared away."

One person, Darth_ru, suggested that Cillian repost the video "with the sound bite of Friends episode 'Pivot.'"

The memorable moment is from the Season 5 episode of hit sitcom Friends, titled "The One with the Cop," and features some of the cast attempting to move a sofa up the stairs of a New York City apartment. The scene is iconic because Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer, keeps frustratingly shouting "pivot."

Cillian shared this edit of the funny video on September 28 and it has attracted 13,800 views.

Newsweek have contacted Cillian for comment.

Men carrying sofa
A stock image of two men carrying a sofa. On TikTok some men in Dublin, Ireland, were filmed trying to get a sofa out of second floor window using brooms. Getty Images