3 Men Plummet Down Elevator Shaft During Brawl

Three men fell eight floors down an elevator shaft—and survived—after breaking through the door during a brawl in a Pennsylvania apartment block, police said.

The fight reportedly broke out on an upper-story of a building in King of Prussia, outside of Philadelphia, at around 9.45 p.m. on Monday evening.

The men, aged between 20 to 22 years old, managed to open or push through the doors separating the hallway from the elevator shaft and fell around 70 feet. One hit the roof of the elevator, while the other two crashed through and landed inside the compartment.

Al Elverson, a lieutenant with the Upper Merion Police Department, said: "The steel elevator door that when you push the button, the door opens, they broke through that door. There was no elevator there, so they just fell eight floors to the bottom."

Emergency crews rescued two of the men from the first floor and the third man from the second floor, KYW reported. Police said not all three men lived in the building.

Residents living nearby expressed their shock at the way the fight ended.

"That's not an elephant that flew into the elevator. It's three humans. So, I'm pretty sure it was faulty equipment," Derrell Washington, a tenant in the 251 Dekalb apartment complex on Dekalb Pike, Montgomery County, told KYW.

Jared Day, another resident in the building, added: "Elevators are supposed to have a bunch of fail-safes that might make them really safe, so I don't know why it would've had a trouble."

Another resident, who requested their name was not published, told NBC10 that his fourth-floor apartment shook at the time of the incident. When he went to investigate, he found a man speaking to people through the elevator door on the third floor of the building.

He told the outlet that firefighters were later seen removing one of the men, who was covered in blood, from the elevator shaft.

All three men involved in the fight and subsequent fall were taken to hospital—two were driven to Paoli Hospital in Chester County, and the other was taken by helicopter to the trauma center at Penn Presbyterian Hospital. A police investigation is underway.

Their conditions have not been revealed, but one was said to have suffered a broken leg.

Elevators rarely fail since they are fitted with numerous safety features, including emergency brakes and sensors to detect trapped items of clothing in doorways.

Elevator with its door open
File photo of an elevator with an open door. Police said the three men managed to break through the door and fall several floors. Tom Lee/Getty Images