When Will Mercury Retrograde End? Everything to Know About Astrological Phenomenon

When Will Mercury Retrograde End?
A picture taken on May 9, 2016, in Minsk through a solar filtered telescope shows the planet Mercury (black dot upper left) transiting in front of the sun. Mercury retrograde ends on August 18, 2018. MAXIM MALINOVSKY/AFP/Getty Images

Does it seem like your life is falling apart? Are you having odd and random difficulties using technology? Did your car break down? Miss the deadline for an application or see an important contract fall through? Maybe your communication style is off and you've found yourself suddenly—and quite often since July—disagreeing with others about everything?

There may be an astrological explanation behind why life has seemingly been on the fritz as of late: Mercury retrograde. Luckily, the retrograde period ends on Saturday, so areas of life where you may be experiencing some friction should return to normal very soon.

Every so often during the year, Mercury retrogrades, meaning the planet that appears to always move backward as it circles the sun sudden makes a change to move forward for about a three week period. Since it's the planet that is closest to the sun, it has a much shorter orbit opposed to Earth, which allows it to speed past our planet a few times a year, bringing with it a wave of turbulence that seems to cause disruption to certain life elements on Earth, according to Astrology Zone's Susan Miller.

Although Mercury moves swiftly past the Earth during retrograde, the planet is essentially in its resting phase, which means everything the planet rules is also on hiatus during retrograde.

In the zodiac, Mercury is the ruler of communication. It also controls aspects of formal contracts, agreements and certain documents like leases and deeds, essays and exam papers for example. In addition to all those things, Mercury also rules all things pertaining to technology, whether it be computers, transportation or anything else that will require machines and or some sort of artificial intelligence to operate.

It's when Mercury retrogrades that all these aspects of everyday life seem to be more hectic to navigate than usual.

Astrologists typically advise for people not to make any concrete decision during a retrograde. Signing any contracts or brokering any deals during retrograde should probably be off the table too. Actually, it's suggested for anything pertaining to communication and agreements or using technology to be put on hold until retrograde ends.

Although retrograde in August ends Saturday, Mercury is scheduled to speed past the Earth one final time this year in November.