What Does Mercury Retrograde Mean For Relationships In Pisces Season? Everything You Need To Know

A picture taken late on August 12, 2018, shows meteors crossing the night sky past the Milky Way during the annual 'Perseid' meteor show, in the mountain area of Tannourine in northern Lebanon. JOSEPH EID/AFP/Getty Images

Mercury retrograde is here, and with that, comes potential relationship drama. When Mercury enters retrograde, it means the planet is flying past earth. For those days Earth can see the planet whizzing by, astrology says Mercury is leaving a trail of tumultuous energy that can very well affect the lives of those on Earth.

This Mercury retrograde is taking place in Pisces season, from March 5 to March 28, and is only the first of three Mercury retrogrades this year. Here's what you can expect from your love life during this questionable time period.

For those of the Pisces sign, this time period will be even wilder than the rest. The entire Pisces season is in Mercury retrograde this year, so in a time Pisces are expected to thrive, there may be unexpected setbacks. Those of the Pisces sign may find confused thoughts and a lack of organization throughout their life in the upcoming weeks, according to Brides. But the relationship fate of Pisces claims old flames may try to inch their way back in, whether or not that sounds inviting.

For all signs during Mercury Retrograde, there's an important was to keep your relationships afloat: communication. Mercury Retrograde has a way of getting in between relationships from isolation and jumbled thoughts. Work on keeping open and honest communication with your partner more than usual through the end of the month to avoid hiccups.

Astrologer and author Constance Stellas spoke about the importance of communication in an interview with Refinery 29. She also specified a common belief about Mercury's pull during retrograde.

A long-lived piece of advice is not to jump into anything too daunting or life-changing during Mercury retrograde. Typically this advice pertains to buying a new electronic, signing a lease or quitting your job. But Stellas compared this crucial advice to relationships, too.

Stellas said Mercury retrograde is not the time to advance your relationship. From engagement to marriage, or moving in together, wait until this time period ends to take a leap in your love life. For now, work on communication and hold off on legal papers, be it as a single or a couple.

There will be two other Mercury retrogrades in 2019, July 7 through July 31 and October 31 through November 29. The same rules can be applied, though love life may differ per sign.