How Mercury Retrograde Could Affect Your Pets

The celestial event most frequently blamed for creating chaos by astrology fans is back: Mercury is in retrograde from September 27 to October 17.

In astrology, Mercury is thought of as the planet of communication, which means its period in retrograde is associated with misunderstandings and confusion.

But what actually is Mercury retrograde and what does it mean for your pets?

Newsweek spoke to astrologers to find out...

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Astrology is based on where the planets appear to be when viewed from Earth.

Astrologer Inbaal told Newsweek: "All the planets travel one-way around the Sun, but when we observe the planets, astrologically, we observe them from our place in the Solar System - Earth.

"As we look at the planet Mercury making its way around the sun, because our own planet moves as well, at times Mercury would appear to be going backwards in the sky."

This optical illusion is what is called Mercury retrograde and it happens three to four times a year, lasting for around three weeks at a time.

As astrologers believe Mercury rules communication, this arena of life is thought to be disrupted during retrograde.

Cosmic Energy Healer and Astrologer at Cosmic Energy Life, Eva Antoniadou, explained: "Astrologers think that the areas of life ruled by this planet can also take a step in the wrong direction or backwards. Usually Mercury slows everything down and makes us rethink all past actions."

Inbaal added: "During the retrograde, important letters could be lost in the mail, job interviews are likely to be unsuccessful and brainstorming sessions can be rife with misunderstandings. A text going to the wrong person or a wrong number call are not uncommon."

Could Mercury Retrograde Affect Pets?

Antoniadou said animals may feel the effects of Mercury retrograde even more than humans, "because animals are way more sensitive than human beings."

She said: "Anything we feel, they feel it prior to us since their instincts are fine tuned. We have to be mindful that furry babies have a great sense of intuition and they might need a little extra love and encouragement during this time."

As Mercury retrograde is thought to impact the way we communicate, this could result in pets not listening to commands or struggling to help you understand their needs.

Weimaraner in an office
Pets, like this Weimaraner in an office, could feel confused during Mercury retrograde Getty Images

Inbaal believes that this is more keenly felt by animals that are more communicative with each other and humans.

"Dogs or horses for example, who rely on clear and consistent communication with their guardians, could be confused by their person's different way of interacting. If they come back to their owner's special call, they may miss it during the retrograde," she said.

She added that those with communicative birds may find them extra rude during this time and said: "Your parrot may choose this moment to learn its first swear."

What Can I Do If I Think My Pet Is Affected by Mercury Retrograde?

During Mercury retrograde it can be a good idea to give your pets a bit more love and patience.

"Giving some extra love and cuddles, a tad extra attention goes a long way for a furry child," Antoniadou said.

"Make sure to pay attention that they are healthy and well fed and if there is any problem with their health, then now is a good time for a general check up."

Inbaal added that it's worth trying harder to make sure your commands are clear as she explained: "Your pet wants to please you - so repeat your request if you see that they're confused."

Confused yellow labrador
Astrologers say pet owners should be patient with their animals, like this yellow labrador, during Mercury Retrograde Getty Images