Merkel and Hollande Come Under Attack in European Parliament

The president of France warned that Britain must back EU integration or "leave Europe" and "leave democracy", during furious exchanges with Nigel Farage, the leader of the U.K. Independence Party (UKIP), the Daily Telegraph newspaper reports.

Francois Hollande gave a joint speech alongside the German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Wednesday, at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. It was the first joint speech given by leaders of the two countries since 1989, just after the fall of the Berlin Wall. The two politicians urged greater solidarity and unity amongst member states on a range of issues, including Europe's refugee crisis.

Merkel and Hollande also warned of the dangers of nationalism in response to the crisis."We must not fall prey to nationalist sentiments in these moments," Merkel said. "It is precisely now that we need more Europe, not less. We need more than ever before the cohesion and courage that Europe has always shown in the past when it really mattered," according to the Wall Street Journal.

However, after the address Hollande and Merkel came under attack from some MEPs who were given the floor to voice their frustration over the ongoing crisis.

Hollande was attacked by Nigel Farage, leader of eurosceptic UKIP, who said Europe's inability to guard its own borders was a reason for Britain to leave the EU. Farage also described France as "little more than a pipsqueak" in a "totally German-dominated Europe".

In return, Hollande told the European Parliament that British voters who do not like the idea of a "strengthened" EU must take the "logical path" of Brexit. "If you don't want to be part of this community of values, then the only way is to leave Europe. It's a horrible way, but then leave, leave Europe, leave democracy even."

Hollande also came under fire from Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Front party, who greeted Merkel as "the administrator of the French province", and described Hollande's decision to align with Merkel on the issue of refugees as a "perfectly irresponsible gesture", according to Deutsche Welle.