Merry Christmas GIFs, Images and Memes to Share With Friends and Family

Christmas Day may look a little different this year, and with millions of people celebrating with fewer people, or on their own, social media and messaging will be even more important than usual.

Even if you can't see your friends and family in person on December 25, you can still wish them a merry Christmas virtually. Why not make a boring text more exciting and fun with a festive GIF, cozy image, or funny meme?

Find out below where to find the best Christmas GIFs, images and memes to send to your loved ones to wish them a happy holidays.

Merry Christmas GIFs

Send your friends and family merry Christmas GIFs this Christmas—just decide if you want to be funny, festive, or cute.

To find some Merry Christmas GIFs, head to or and search "Merry Christmas," where you'll find all kinds of GIFs that are perfect for the holiday season.

Choose from festive scenes of decorated Christmas trees and snowy streets, with messages including "Merry Christmas," and "Happy Holidays."

Alternatively, send your friends and family GIFs from their favorite Christmas movies, like a GIF of Home Alone's Kevin McCallister saying: "Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal," or a GIF of The Grinch dressed as Santa Claus in How the Grinch Stole Christmas.

TV fans can send GIFs from their favorite shows, like Ross Geller from Friends dressed as the Holiday Armadillo, or Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation dressed as an elf.

Or, melt some hearts this Christmas with cute gifs of kittens and puppies dressed up for the holiday.

Either search for these GIFs on GIPHY or Tenor, select your favorite, copy the link, and paste it into your messaging app. Alternatively, there will be an option to share the GIF on your social media pages, including Facebook and Instagram.

The third option is to open your apps, such as Twitter, Facebook, Messenger, iMessage, or WhatsApp, select GIFs and search for a festive image, and share your favorite directly with your friends and family that way.

Merry Christmas Images

If you're looking for merry Christmas images to share on social media, there are plenty of free websites with tonnes of festive imagery.

For example, Unsplash is a royalty-free image website, which means you can download and share any photo from the website. Simply head to and search Christmas and you will be met with thousands of festive images, from trees, gifts, wreaths, ornaments and more.

Christmas Gift
Unsplash has thousands of free Christmas-themed images that are perfect for sharing on social media around the holidays. Kira auf der Heide/Unsplash

Pixabay is similar to Unsplash in that its images are free to use, but it also has a lot of graphics and cartoon images, as well as photographs.

The images are great for adding to a Merry Christmas post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Alternatively, you could try adding your own text over the Unsplash or Pixabay image using an editing app on your phone, and then send the image to your family and friends.

These images are also great for giving your phone, laptop, or iPad a festive makeover, as they work as Christmas wallpaper backgrounds.

Merry Christmas Memes

Why not make your friends and family smile this Christmas by sending them a meme? Fans of The Simpsons will enjoy this joke from Bart: "Hey, since when is Christmas just about the presents? Aren't we forgetting the true meaning of this day: the birth of Santa?"

“Hey, since when is Christmas just about the presents? Aren’t we forgetting the true meaning of this day: the birth of Santa?”

— SimpsonsQ🎅🏻TD (@SimpsonsQOTD) December 21, 2020

Christmas will be a hard time for a lot of people this year, so don't be afraid to joke with your friends about what you would really like this year with this Mean Girls meme: "All I want for Christmas is for everyone to stop beefing each other and start beefing the government."

All I want for Christmas is for everyone to stop beefing each other and start beefing the government

— j (@fka_j) December 21, 2020

Millions of people across the U.S. will have altered their Christmas plans, with many people spending the holiday alone. Send your Harry Potter fan friends the following meme and dream about where you would rather be on December 25: "Where would you like to spend your Christmas?"

—"Where would you like to spend your Christmas?"

— Harry Potter Facts (@TheHPfacts) December 21, 2020