From Meth Addict to Bird Whisperer, This Man Is Telling His Story and People Are Paying Attention

A Reddit user is sharing his story of addiction and recovery, and it's touching the hearts of lots of netizens. Joseph Truax, Reddit username u/EveryXtakeYouCanMake, posted a lighthearted photo of himself as a "bird whisperer" to show the inspiring path he's on to educate others.

Truax shared the post on Reddit thread r/nextf******level, a page dedicated to people and things that show above-average occurrences worth celebrating. His post showed three photos chronicling his experience with addiction and sobriety, taken in 2013, 2016 and 2020.

In the last photo, Truax is holding a small bird on the tip of his finger. His sobriety photo is undeniable adorable, and Reddit users seemed to agree it was perfectly represented on the r/nextf******level page.

Truax revealed he began using crack cocaine before turning to meth. "I went from crackhead, to meth-head, to healthy sober birb [the bird's name] whisperer," he said. "Now I'm telling my story on YouTube (Every Mistake You Can Make) so that kids can avoid the first 2 themselves and just jump straight to birb whispering. That's a house sparrow, [by the way]. My friend raised it from just out the egg."

While this tiny bird is a part of the story, what's perhaps more important is that Truax uses his experience to educate young people on the dangers of drugs. His YouTube page, Every Mistake You Can Make, hosts a series of vlogs where Truax vows to authentically tell his story. His mission is to stop others from making similar mistakes, he told Newsweek. And he'll do so by sharing every detail, no matter how graphic.

Joseph Truax
Joseph Truax has a YouTube channel called Every Mistake You Can Make. Joseph Truax

"I survived to be here right now," he said via email. "Most don't make it 1/10 of the time that I have survived. If being completely honest and forthcoming with the true stings of addiction doesn't work, what could possibly work? This has to be it. Their lives depend on me embarrassing myself and giving them all the information that they could possibly want, as well as more than enough that they won't want. The world, if it wants to, is about to know me as well as I know me."

As for those details? "I consider it an honor to be looked down on for my past because I am able to use my past as a tool to help others. I didn't ask for my life, but I'm not squandering it anymore. This is me loving my neighbor," he explained.

In fact, Truax is so passionate, he even includes his phone number for his 762 subscribers if they're ever in desperate need of being scared away from falling into drug use. Reddit users applauded Truax for telling his story.

"Good on you big man. It's good to hear you're doing alright and using your experiences to help others," wrote u/-MrTorgueFlexington-.

Joseph Truaz
Photos of Joseph Truax throughout drug use and after. Joseph Truax

U/awaitingdusk17 echoed the note. "Congratulations on your newfound health. It takes alot [sic] of clout to put yourself out there like this and allow yourself to grow. I wish you continued success in all you do."

Comments on some of Truax's YouTube videos also explain that Reddit users did, in fact, find his YouTube page for future viewing.

As for the bird, Traux knew when it was time to let go. "Birb flew away 2 days ago," he said.

"She needed to go. That's the way of life. None of us were sad because we all knew this to be the way. But animals have such a special place in my heart. Especially baby animals. What my friend did showed me something that I didn't think was possible. I thought that when he brought that fresh-out-the-egg baby bird into the house, I didn't think it would live. I had no experience with baby sparrows. But I'm so glad that I was wrong."

You can subscribe to Truax's YouTube channel here.