Westboro Baptist Church Supports Mets' Daniel Murphy for His Dismissal of Gay Lifestyle

daniel murphy
New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy is interviewed at a press conference after defeating the Chicago Cubs game four of the NLCS at Wrigley Field. Jerry Lai/USA TODAY Sports/Reuters

New York Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy, the MVP of the National League Championship Series, has yet another fan as he prepares to face off in the World Series against the Kansas City Royals: the Westboro Baptist Church.

The organization best known for protesting at the funerals of soldiers and holding signs reading "God hates fags," among other slogans, says it is supporting Murphy because of remarks the player made about gay people earlier this year. Westboro has been described as "arguably the most obnoxious and rabid hate group in America" by the Southern Poverty Law Center. The Kansas-based group says it believes the United States is "doomed" because it has not banned homosexual relationships and sex acts.

Speaking about Billy Bean, the former baseball player who was the first professional in the sport to come out as gay, Murphy said in March: "I disagree with his lifestyle. I do disagree with the fact that Billy is a homosexual."

He specified that his views on homosexuality are tied to his religion:

Maybe, as a Christian, that we haven't been as articulate enough in describing what our actual stance is on homosexuality. We love the people. We disagree the lifestyle. That's the way I would describe it for me. It's the same way that there are aspects of my life that I'm trying to surrender to Christ in my own life. There's a great deal of many things, like my pride. I just think that as a believer trying to articulate it in a way that says just because I disagree with the lifestyle doesn't mean I'm just never going to speak to Billy Bean every time he walks through the door.

In a news release, the Westboro Baptist Church said it would boycott the Mets game against the Royals on Wednesday, the second game of the series, to "publicly decry the fact that the state of New York is wholly given over to Sodomite filth, in daily defiance of God Almighty and his Word."

The hate group calls New York City the home of the gay rights movement in America, but says at least one player has made a "small squeak in that miasma of foul matter known as New York City," citing those comments by Murphy earlier this year. "WBC will be there with bells on to prop up and Biblically supplement Daniel Murphy's meager efforts and thereby again remind New York and America that their doom is imminent a la Sodom & Gomorrah," the group said.

Westboro has also voiced its affection for Murphy on social media. It has tweeted numerous videos of the baseball player and suggested Major League Baseball "should stop listening to GLAAD and tune into Daniel Murphy more often."

Don’t worry, Daniel Murphy! There are few things better and many things worse to be compared to than WBC https://t.co/zXsqtIoHT7 @OyAndrew

— Westboro Baptist Church (@WBCSaysRepent) October 26, 2015

What a home run, Daniel Murphy! Go, @Mets! #fagsdoomnations https://t.co/JKtbHbRDiA@luke_winkie

— Westboro Baptist Church (@WBCSaysRepent) October 25, 2015

Murphy was also discussed at a Westboro Baptish Church sermon on Sunday.

The group has called on Pete Rose, the infamous former baseball star, to join it at Wednesday's protest.