Mets Hire Carlos Beltran As New Manager, And Some Fans Are Seriously Unimpressed

Some New York Mets fans weren't pleased when the news broke Friday that their team plans to hire a former player as the club's newest manager.

According to The New York Times, the Mets front office plans to announce the hire of Carlos Beltran sometime next week. Beltran will replace former manager Mickey Callaway, who was fired by the team on October 22.

Beltran played for the Mets from 2005 to 2011, and was a five-time All-Star pick and was awarded three Gold Gloves while playing with the team. Despite Beltran's history with the organization, his alleged hire was not met with enthusiasm by some Mets fans as some believed the team would sign a bigger name like Joe Girardi, Buck Showalter or Joe Maddon.

One fan, @EazyE_365, tweeted "Carlos Beltran named manager of the Mets" with a gif of a sloth yawning.

"@Mets Do you ever learn from mistakes? Callaway had no managing experience. Beltran has no managing OR coaching experience. Another year of terrible in-game decisions," said Twitter user Cowbar57.

Some felt that the prospective hire of Beltran d is a poor decision as he has no experience as a head coach. One Twitter user, RickR513, pointed to Callway's lack of head coaching experience and how he was fired after two seasons.

"So let me get this straight. The Mets replace a rookie manager in Mickey Callaway with another rookie manager in Carlos Beltran, rather than going for a proven, experienced guy like Joe Girardi. Makes absolutely no sense," Ricky tweeted.

"Am I supposed to be excited because Carlos Beltran is going to be the Mets new manager? Because I'm not," user TheGr8Tony tweeted.

"Carlos Beltran???? WHAT. Mets are gonna suck forever," user Damien Leyva tweeted.

"IMO, Carlos Beltran is one of the greatest players to ever put on a @Mets uniform. Does that make him a good manager? Time will tell. I'd rather of had someone with some experience," said Twitter user MsMet_Susan.

While some fans expressed their displeasure, others used Twitter to state how excited they are for Beltran to take over.

"Carlos Beltran is a fantastic hire by the @Mets for manager. He's a professional on and off the field and has tremendous respect from players," one supportive fan, strictsportsfau tweeted.

"If there's anyone who knows NY, its culture, and the #Mets fan base or what it is to win/lose, it's him. Welcome home coach," Twitter user Santo Rosabianca said.

Some of that excitement extended to current Mets players, including pitcher Marcus Stroman, who tagged Beltran in a tweet on Friday afternoon.

"LET'S GO @carlosbeltran15 @Mets," Stroman tweeted.

This decision also has many fans thinking about the potential uniforms the Mets could re-introduce this season. "With Beltran coming back and the 20th anniversary of the 2000 Mets, it would be awesome to bring back the black jerseys," Twitter user Mike Nelson said.

"#Beltran better bring back the black jerseys @Mets," tweeted user HeyLookItsClink.

The Mets have yet to officially sign Beltran, but according to Anthony DiComo of, they are close to finalizing the deal.

Carlos Beltran
New York Mets planning on naming former player Carlos Beltran as manager Billie Weiss/Getty
Mets Hire Carlos Beltran As New Manager, And Some Fans Are Seriously Unimpressed | Sports