Mexico Sees Spike In Coronavirus Cases, With 3,500 New Infections Over Weekend

Mexico saw a spike in coronavirus infections over the weekend, with at least 3,500 new confirmed cases identified since Saturday.

On Sunday alone, the country's health ministry confirmed that it had identified 1,562 new cases of COVID-19 and had logged 112 additional deaths related to the virus, according to Reuters.

Government models had projected that infections might peak over the weekend, with the surge bringing the country's total of confirmed cases up to 35,022, with 3,465 deaths being connected to the outbreak.

"Very unfortunately, 3,465 people have lost their lives directly due to COVID and its complications," said Dr. Hugo López-Gatell, Mexico's deputy health minister, during a conference on Sunday evening.

López-Gatell told Mexican residents "not to wait" to seek medical attention if they are over the age of 60 or have pre-existing conditions that could make them vulnerable to COVID-19.

However, just a day before, on Saturday, Reuters reported that coronavirus patients were being turned away from hospitals in Mexico City, due to overcrowding.

Of 64 public hospitals designated to accept patients with COVID-19, the press agency reported that 26 were completely full.

While the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases surged over the weekend, health experts have warned that the country's death toll from the coronavirus outbreak is likely higher than the official total.

Limited nationwide testing, experts have said, means that deaths caused by unconfirmed cases of coronavirus are being missed in the country's official count.

"The figures they are releasing are clearly underestimating the real impact of the coronavirus in Mexico," Salomón Chertorivski, a former Mexican health minister, told The Wall Street Journal in a recent interview.

According to The Journal, López-Gatell himself has said that he generally multiplies the number of confirmed cases by eight to get a stronger idea of the numbers of infected people. By that formula, there could be more than 280,000 cases in Mexico.

Mexico coronavirus
Local police officers wear suits to protect themselves on city streets on May 9 29, 2020 in Hermosillo, Mexico. Mexico saw a spike in confirmed coronavirus cases over the weekend. Luis Gutierrez/ Norte Photo/Getty