Miami Woman Charged with Impersonating Local News Outlets to Get Free Food, Cash

A Miami woman was arrested Friday for allegedly impersonating various local media outlets in an attempt to get caterers to provide her with free food and cash.

Cadence Bryant, 52, was accused of calling several Miami-area restaurants, representing herself as a local TV station employee, and asked for catering samples to be delivered to her. She would then, according to the allegations, refer the restaurants to a local station to collect on the bill, where it would be discovered that the purchase was a sham.

In November 2018, Bryant reportedly called Zubi Fish House and introduced herself as "Alice," a vice president at WSVN 7News, Miami's Fox affiliate. Police said that "Alice" told the restaurant she wanted food samples delivered to a nearby Marriott Hotel where she was celebrating a birthday with her colleagues. Once the food was delivered, police said that Bryant called the restaurant and told them to contact the WSVN station directly in order to be reimbursed. Once the owner of Zubi Fish House arrived at WSVN, he discovered that he had been defrauded.

Marie Hyacinthe, the owner of the catering company Buffet Creole, told WPLG Local 10 that a woman calling herself "Sharon" expressed interest in hiring the caterer as the exclusive food service provider for her employer, which she claimed was the Local 10 station.

Hyacinthe said that "Sharon" promised a down payment of $8,000.

The catering company owner was then instructed to meet "Tiffany." an associate of "Sharon," at a dollar store and hand over food and $200 in cash for party favors. The caterer was then told to return to the Local 10 station for reimbursement. According to the Miami Herald, at least some of the cash was used to purchase lottery tickets and cigarettes.

"Upon the victim's arrival to the news station, she met with an investigative reporter, and explained why she was there," the police described in a statement. "She was informed that they were not having an event and had not requested catering services. The victim was told by the investigative reporter that she was a victim to a scam that has happened numerous times with their news station."

According to the Miami Police Department, Bryant has been charged with petit theft and two counts of organized scheme to defraud, a felony.

The Local 10 outlet reported that Bryant has a criminal history of theft and fraud, for which she has received previous convictions.

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A wanted poster depicts Cadence Bryant, 52, as the police sought her in response to a pair of scams involving local catering companies. Miami Police Department