Michael Avenatti Says Michael Cohen Tapes Feature Donald Trump's Voice: 'I Know for a Fact'

Stormy Daniels attorney Michael Avenatti claims to "know for a fact" that President Donald Trump's personal lawyer Michael Cohen made recordings that include Trump's voice and is demanding that the tapes be released.

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"I know for a fact that at least one, & likely many, of the #TrumpTapes contain Mr. Trump's voice," Avenatti tweeted on Thursday morning. "I know this from the work that we have done and through the assistance of true patriots. If I am wrong, Mr. Cohen and his atty should prove it. They can't and won't. #ReleaseTheTapes."

Avenatti refused to reveal on MSNBC how he knows that at least one recording features the president's voice, but he said he has personal knowledge of that and pointed to his "track record over the last almost three months." Avenatti added that he believes Trump knew about the recordings.

The attorney for Daniels, whose legal name is Stephanie Clifford, also said on air that he would be demanding access to any audiotapes featuring her former lawyer Keith Davidson and Cohen.

"They ought to be released," Avenatti said. "We are especially disturbed by the fact that evidently my client's former counsel had communications with Michael Cohen during which they discussed attorney-client privileged information that my client had disclosed to her attorney who then passed it to Michael Cohen, who then recorded it and kept it."

Avenatti added that he wants the tapes "so we can determine what was said and what to do about them, period."

Earlier on Wednesday, Avenatti dropped his request to take part in court proceedings in New York over a raid on Cohen's office and hotel room, in which FBI agents seized a massive amount of documents, after a federal judge warned him to stop his "publicity tour." Avenatti's claims that "Trump tapes" exist sidetracked the hearing that was set to shed more light on the seized documents.