Stormy Daniels' Lawyer Michael Avenatti Showed up on the VMA Pink Carpet, Twitter Freaked Out

Attorney-about-town Michael Avenatti, who represents Trump-accusing adult film star Stormy Daniels and says he is thinking about running for president in 2020, showed up at the MTV VMAs on Monday night. But Twitter was not impressed.

As well as Daniels, real name Stephanie Clifford, Avenatti is representing immigrant families split up by the Trump administration at the border, which separated children from their parents and guardians.

Avenatti is touring the country to drum up publicity about his work and sound out the reception to his 2020 bid. And his surprise appearance at the VMAs was in the service of that mission—in particular, speaking to the next generation of voters.

"Lots of energy tonight at the #VMAs relating to raising awareness for Get Out the Vote," Avenatti tweeted during the music awards ceremony. "I predict a big youth movement in 2018 and especially 2020. The younger generation is keenly aware of what is at stake and they are not taking it for granted. This is critically important."

Down on the event's pink carpet, Avenatti told Variety that he was invited to the VMAs so "I thought I'd show up." He also said he is "serious" about the presidential bid.

"I am, I'm serious about it," he said. "I'm seriously looking at it. I'm travelling around, talking to people in the country, and you know, I've been really surprised at how much enthusiasm there is out there for the potential. So, I'm going to make a decision and I want to be smart about it, deliberate it."

However, he suggested he may pull back from the bid yet: "I think I have a real shot if I decide to do it. But it's a big decision though."

Twitter was less than complimentary about Avenatti's appearance at the VMAs.

"I don't know why @MichaelAvenatti showed up at the @vmas," one user tweeted, "dude it's getting a bit much now."

Another wrote: "I want that guy to run so badly! He'll get crushed. I'll chuckle... We'll all be winners."

One user suggested: "No offense but why is Michael Avenatti at the Vmas shouldn't he be trying to get the president to confess he has a sex doll or something."

I don’t know why @MichaelAvenatti showed up at the @vmas dude it’s getting a bit much now.

— Marcus M. (@MrBadHombre2U) August 21, 2018

Michael Avenatti appears to need a campaign manager. That campaign manager's first advice should be to keep him away from events like the #VMAs. He doesn't need to be wooing Nicki Minaj-he needs to be selling himself to Ralph in Luzerne County and Cheryl in Richland Center #basta

— CourtneyG (@gbpackersgal) August 21, 2018

Michael avenatti getting interviewed on VMAs red carpet because ?

— TA (@talter) August 21, 2018

Avenatti's rise to prominence began in early 2018 when he started representing Stormy Daniels, who alleges she had an extramarital affair with President Donald Trump a decade before he took office.

Trump denies the affair, but Daniels entered into a $130,000 hush deal before the 2016 election to keep quiet about her allegations. That deal was arranged by Trump's former fixer Michael Cohen.

However, details of the deal emerged in January and since then, Daniels has spoken publicly about the alleged affair. Trump's team is suing her for breaching the deal, but Avenatti argues it is null and void because the president never signed it.

President Trump denied knowing about the hush deal before it became public because Cohen had arranged it without his knowledge, using his own legal funds to front the payment which was later reimbursed through expenses.

Stormy Daniels Michael Avenatti
Stormy Daniels and attorney Michael Avenatti are seen at The Abbey on May 23, 2018 in West Hollywood, California. Avenatti showed up at the MTV VMAs. Tara Ziemba/Getty Images