Michael Costello Blasts Chrissy Teigen's '10-Minute Apology Written on Notepad'

Designer Michael Costello has slammed Chrissy Teigen over what he called her "10 minute apology written on a notepad."

Teigen shared a lengthy apology in which she branded herself an "insecure, attention seeking troll," after private messages of her telling model Courtney Stodden to kill themselves surfaced earlier this year.

Television personality Costello highlighted the importance in change via action in a statement to ET Online.

"I want to be clear—I do not wish ill on anyone," he said. "We are all works in progress and we deserve the opportunity to prove that we can do better. But progress takes time."

"We must show through actions that we have changed," Costello continued. "After all, actions speak much louder than a 10-minute apology written on notepad."

Former Project Runway contestant Costello previously spoke out against the star when he revealed that she left him feeling suicidal after allegedly bullying him.

Referencing this in the statement, he said that nothing could take away from the "years of trauma being bullied and blacklisted in the industry has left me."

Adding that he felt he has been silenced for a long time, the 38-year-old said: "I'm still waiting for Chrissy Teigen and anyone who bullied me to reach out to me."

The statement comes after Costello claimed the former Lip Sync Battle host embarked on a mission to end his career following false accusations of racism.

On Tuesday, he shared a post on Instagram detailing the "deep, unhealed trauma" he has experienced over the last seven years.

The fashion designer claimed that the situation first started in 2014 after a fake racist comment circulated.

He said the comment was photoshopped by a "former disgruntled employee" who sought to embarrass him.

After seeing the comment Costello said Teigen accused him of racism in a comment on his Instagram profile.

He explained that he reached out to the star to explain that he had been the "victim of a vindictive cyber slander and that everything she thought I was is not who I am."

However, the plea reportedly fell on deaf ears as he claimed Teigen said "my career was over and that all my doors will be shut from there on."

"I would regularly get texts and calls from our mutual friends and colleagues that her and Monica Rose, a powerful stylist in fashion, have gone out of their way to threaten people and brands that if they were in any shape or form associated with me, they would not work with any of them," he wrote.

Costello then went on to add that he "stayed awake, wanting to kill myself" on numerous nights.

Newsweek previously contacted Teigen's representatives for comment but did not get a response.

The claims come in the wake of Teigen's apology, which she shared on Monday. In her post, Teigen said she was "in the process of privately reaching out to people I insulted."

Teigen previously came under fire after messages from 2011 and 2012 showed her taking aim at Stodden, during their marriage to 50-year-old actor Doug Hutchison. Stodden was 16 at the time.

As well as sending Stodden private messages telling them to take their own life, Teigen publicly told them to "take a dirt nap."

If you have thoughts of suicide, confidential help is available for free at the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline. Call 1-800-273-8255. The line is available 24 hours every day.

Michael Costello took aim at Chrissy Teigen
Michael Costello said he is waiting for his apology from Chrissy Teigen. David Livingston/Getty Images/Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

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