Michael Flynn Says Donald Trump 'Needs to Light the World on Fire'

Michael Flynn appeared on a conspiracy theorist podcast saying Donald Trump needs to "light the world on fire" at his upcoming rallies, and that people are "going to have to do something" before the end of the summer about the Arizona audit.

Flynn, who is seen as a hero in the QAnon movement and recently called for a Myanmar-style coup in the U.S., told the Steel Truth show, hosted by outspoken QAnon believer Ann Vandersteel, that something will soon come and take attention away from the disputed recount that is "going to further divide the country."

Flynn went on to suggest that "people are going to have to do something" and "create noise" about the ballot recount and he said that he hopes Trump will discuss the audit at his rallies.

The GOP-led audit in Arizona has been dismissed by a number of officials, but conspiracy theorists and QAnon supporters believe it will turn up evidence of voter fraud that will result in the entire election being overturned and Trump being reinstated as president.

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is one of those who is constantly claiming that Trump will return to the White House in August, or by the fall.

"There is going to be something that is going to happen and I'm afraid that what it's going to do is it's going to further divide the country," Flynn said.

People Need to Face Reality

"People need to face reality. We need to face reality. They are going to continue to go after Donald Trump. They're going to continue to go after Donald Trump. And I'm glad to see the president finally getting out and doing rallies.

"He's going to be doing one in Sarasota here on the 4th of July. I think he's going to up in Ohio on Saturday. So he's going to get back out and he's going to light the world on fire."

Flynn said that people will continue to "go after" Trump while he attends these rallies, and warns that "whenever they go after him it's never pretty."

He added: "It's going to be ugly and that creates a lot of media attraction and everybody has to cover it. What does it mean? What is it going to do? And it keeps everybody off of the election fraud."

Flynn adds that "there is no doubt in my mind" that the 2020 election was "stolen" despite there being no proof of this more than seven months after the vote took place.

"The truth will continue to come out. Something is going to happen. I don't think we're going to have to wait until the end of summer," he said.

"I think it's going to happen here fairly soon...they must create noise prior to the Arizona audit starting to really bubble out. They are gonna have to do something."

Trump's former national security adviser was previously heavily criticized for suggesting that the military-style intervention in Myanmar "should happen" in the U.S. at a QAnon conference in Dallas, Texas, in May.

Flynn appeared to be parroting the calls that had been circulating on QAnon forums and social media channels for months, suggesting a similar coup should occur in this country in order to force the return of Trump as president.

In a post on Telegram, Flynn denied saying that he was urging a coup at the God & Country Patriot Roundup event on May 30 despite there being video of him saying it.

"I am no stranger to media manipulating my words and therefore let me repeat my response to a question asked at the conference: There is no reason it (a coup) should happen here (in America)," Flynn said.

Michael Flynn trump rallies
Former General Michael Flynn, President Donald Trump’s recently pardoned national security adviser, speaks during a protest of the outcome of the 2020 presidential election outside the Supreme Court on December 12, 2020, in Washington, D.C. Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images