Michael Jackson-Inspired Makeup Tutorial Sparks TikTok Craze

TikTok is known for being a place where one, creative video can start and app-wide trend. That's what seems to be happening in the case of the Michael Jackson makeup meme, which was started by TikTok makeup artist, and certified popular creator, Letica F Gomes.

Two weeks ago, Gomes posted a video of herself transforming her face into the later-years look of pop star Jackson. She set the short-video transformation to the song "I Am Not A Robot" by Marina and the Diamonds (who now goes by Marina.) Now, the same combination is reaching all corners of the video app.

Gomes' video received 1.1 million hearts and nearly 20,000 comments. Most comments reflected on how Gomes' recreation of the singer is "scary." A small handful of users explained the Gomes' transformation could be considered offensive because of the use of a wrong skin tone, while most commenters were thrilled and supportive of Gomes' skilled application.

In comparison to Gomes' other videos, which already receive high amounts of hearts, the Jackson recreation can be considered viral. That became even more clear when others on the app began to post their own recreations.

The formula of the followed posts is nearly the same to Gomes'. The makeup is the focus, with slow, zoomed in shots of key elements to create the look, and is narrated by Marina's song. What differs is the last notes, though. In the recreated videos, many TikTok users decided to add their own, Jackson-inspired flare, by incorporating his signature dance moves into their short videos.

This isn't the first trend inspired by Jackson on the app. The late musician's name has been used in relation to plenty of trends, and his music can also be found. The singer's song, "Billie Jean" is available to play over videos, so it's frequently used. There's even an account named @michaeljacksonkidnapme, in which the user posts recreations of a kidnapping by Jackson.

Some expected comments on the recent Jackson posts bring his allegations of sexual abuse into the conversation. While Jackson has long been accused of sexually assaulting a list of young boys—allegations which he had denied in life—the HBO documentary Leaving Neverland brought the allegations to life again in the said personal stories from two boys, now men, who claim they'd long had sexual relationships with the famous musician.

Michael Jackson-Inspired Makeup Tutorial Sparks TikTok Craze | Culture