After successfully predicting President Donald Trump would win the 2016 election, Michael Moore is now casting his predictions for the 2020 election.

The legendary director and documentary film-maker told CNN he believed Trump would win again and serve two terms in the White House.

"Too many people in the summer of 2016 were so sure Hillary [Clinton] was going to win, saying no one is going to vote for this idiot," Moore said in an interview with CNN released Sunday. "He could win again. I operate as if he is a two-term Trump. I have to. If you think any other way you are guaranteeing that whoever is going to run against him will lose."

According to Moore, "evil genius" Trump figured out how to win his first election by "losing the election."

Michael Moore attends the 'Farenheit 11/9' premiere during 2018 Toronto International Film Festival at Ryerson Theatre on September 6, 2018, in Toronto, Canada. Moore said PresidentDonald Trump will serve two terms.Presley Ann/Getty Images

"He was able to outsmart the smartest person to ever run for president," Moore said.

It's that same notion about Trump that's lead Moore to believe the president is also behind the New York Times' annonymous Op-ed released in early September, in which an unidentified member of Trump's administration claimed there was a group of Trump opposition in the White House working against the president's flip-flopping agendas.

"Trump wrote it. Trump or one of his minions wrote it," Moore said. "He's the master distractor. He's the king of the misdirect. If we have learned anything by now, it's that he does things to get people to turn away. Let me give you the line in there that is most identifiable that he wants the public to believe. It's the line that says, 'Don't worry, adults are in the room.' That's the idea, to get us to calm down and look away from what he's really doing."

Moore's been right about Trump's abilities from the very beginning. In addition to stating Trump would win the Republican presidential nomination in 2015, he accurately predicted Trump would win the election based on Trump's attention towards the Midwest and Rust Belt states and his recognition of the "endangered white man," as Moore wrote in a 2016 blog post on his website, among several other factors, including Trump's celebrity appeal.

Moore recently told The Hollywood Reporter the U.S. would need someone with big star status to defeat Trump in the 2020 election. "We need beloved figures," he said. "Say what you will about Trump, but tens of millions watched his show [The Apprentice and Celebrity Apprentice]. We need Tom Hanks, Oprah, Michelle Obama. Who would not vote for Michelle Obama?"