White Supremacist Who Encouraged Attacks on Black People Via Telegram Jailed

A British man who shared terrorist materials and spoke about his hatred of Black people in far-right social media channels has been jailed.

Michael Nugent, 38, of Surrey, southeast England, was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail on Wednesday, June 23, after pleading guilty to terrorism offenses.

Nugent was found to have used different personas on the encrypted messaging service app Telegram to express racists views and his hatred of ethnic minorities, as well as to share terrorism documents with others.

Among some of the extremist materials he shared were manuals on how to make explosives and homemade firearms. Nugent also posted an edited video of the Christchurch Mosque terror attack in which Brenton Tarrant killed 51 people in March 2019.

According to an extract from the defendant's diary that was read out in Kingston Crown Court, Nugent wrote that ethnic minorities should be "sent home" and "sterilised," the BBC reported.

"We are being genocided in our own homes," Nugent wrote. "Terrorism is the only way out of it."

Nugent also described the massacre in Christchurch targeting Muslims as a "game changer" on Telegram.

He was arrested on August 19, 2020, after London's Met Counter Terrorism officers linked the racist accounts to Nugent. He gave no comment to police while he was being questioned for a total of seven days.

On May 13, Nugent pleaded guilty to five counts of the dissemination of terrorist publications and 11 counts of possessing a document containing information likely to be useful to a person preparing or committing an act of terrorism.

He pleaded not guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism, and those charges were ordered to lie on file, which under English law means that a prosecution won't be sought for them as the defendant has admitted other crimes.

Upon sentencing, Judge Peter Lodder told Nugent: "You posted toxic offensive material to websites and administered groups which were dedicated to violent racist, anti-Semitic, and neo-Nazi ideology.

Extreme Racial Hatred and Violence

"You used your channel as a safe haven to post messages expressing and encouraging extreme racial hatred and violence towards Black people, and in setting up this channel you provided others with access to terrorist publications and encouraged terrorist acts.

Commander Richard Smith, who leads the Met's Counter Terrorism Command, said in a statement: "Nugent freely shared his abhorrent extremist views with others over a messaging app, and he passed on manuals detailing how to produce deadly weapons and explosive devices.

"However, he was stopped when he was arrested by counter terrorism officers. This is another case which shows how harmful online extremism is. That is why it is important that anyone who believes that they have a friend or loved one who they think has been radicalized, or is vulnerable, seeks help."

Michael Nugent terrorism
British man Michael Nugent has been sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail after pleading guilty to terrorism offenses. Met Police