An unfounded conspiracy theory involving Michelle Obama has resurfaced and has been circulating online among conservatives and MAGA supporters.

The conspiracy theory alleges that the former first lady is actually a man or transgender woman and former President Barack Obama is gay.

It is not clear when it first began circulating, but it was shared online during Obama's presidency.

Michelle Obama presents the Social Justice Impact Award during the 52nd NAACP Image Awards on March 27, 2021. A conspiracy theory involving Michelle Obama has resurfaced and has been circulating online among conservatives and MAGA supporters.Getty

More recently, the theory has been circulating again, with former Republican California 43rd Congressional District candidate Omar Navarro joining in.

On Tuesday, he tweeted: "Retweet if you think Michelle Obama is really a man." and has so far received more than 160 retweets.

Former West Virginia House of Delegates member Derrick Evans shared a similar tweet on Tuesday and wrote: "Who thinks Michelle Obama is really a man?

Comedian and conservative commentator Terrance K. Williams also highlighted how popular this conspiracy theory is by holding a poll on his Twitter account on Tuesday.

He wrote: "Why do people keep saying Michelle Obama is a man and that she doesn't have any photos from when she was pregnant.

"Do you believe this rumor that Michelle Obama is a man?

As of late Tuesday night Eastern time, more than 35,000 Twitter users had taken part in the poll, with 51.1 percent of voters saying yes, 23.4 percent saying no and 25.5 percent answering "Maybe who knows."

A video of the late comedian Joan Rivers mocking Michelle Obama and Barack Obama with the conspiracy theory has also begun to recirculate online.

The video, from 2014, sees Rivers speak with a journalist on the street in an impromptu interview.

The journalist asked if Rivers believed the U.S. would get their first gay or female president in the future.

She answered: "We already have that with Obama. You know Michelle is a trans."

The reporter then asked for clarification to which Rivers replied: "A transgender. We all know."

The conspiracy theory has repeatedly been dismissed online as well, with some saying that it is proof of "trans panic."

Last February, conspiracy theory debunker Mike Rothschild tweeted: "Trans panic is a huge part of the mythology around QAnon.

"GhostEzra piled up 300k followers by openly wondering which women were 'actually' men and which men were 'actually women.' Plus the whole 'Michelle Obama' is actually a guy' trope is a huge in Q[Anon] circles. It's all just sick."

According to his Twitter page, in June 2021, Patrick Henningsen, an independent geopolitical analyst and journalist, tweeted: "Sort of getting sick of this stupid meme, citing Joan Rivers as some unimpeachable source, when she was only repeating the same meme she saw on the internet. Ridiculous."

Newsweek reached out to the office of Barack and Michelle Obama for comment.