Horror of Michelin-Starred Meal With Dish Served in Cast of Chef's Mouth

A brutal review of the Italian city of Lecce's only Michelin-starred restaurant has gone viral online, after writer Geraldine DeRuiter, also known as The Everywhereist, was served a series of micro dishes including a bizarre plate of the chef's mouth.

DeRuiter visited Bros' with eight friends, and they were served the only thing offered to them—a 27-course tasting menu.

The night didn't exactly go down a treat and was instead described as "so uniquely bad, it can only be deemed an achievement," by DeRuiter who published her blog review on December 8, titling it: "Bros., Lecce: We Eat at The Worst Michelin Starred Restaurant, Ever."

In a "cement cell of a room," music by Drake played through speakers and it was "swelteringly hot." The group was served the meal over 4.5 hours, but was left still ravenous by the end of it all. "There was nothing even close to an actual meal served," she wrote.

Courses of food included slivers of edible paper, shots of vinegar, droplets of gelee infused with meat molecules and even a dish called "frozen air" which melted before they were able to eat it.

"Amassing two-dozen of them together amounted to a meal the same way amassing two-dozen toddlers together amounts to one middle-aged adult," she wrote.

"There is no menu at Bros. Just a blank newspaper with a QR code linking to a video featuring one of the chefs, presumably, against a black background, talking directly into the camera about things entirely unrelated to food."

DeRuiter said that some of her friends were left out of whole courses, with them unable to accommodate their allergies, while her husband was simply still fed things they were allergic to regardless.

The pièce de résistance though, and the thing that sent the internet into a meltdown, was the citrus foam course, served uniquely in a plaster cast of the chef's own mouth. To eat the foam, diners had to lick it out of the mouth in what DeRuiter described as "stolen from an eastern European horror film."

DeRuiter's image of the disturbing mouth bowl mixture was subsequently shared across social media, with posts spanning Twitter and Reddit.

The weirdness didn't stop with the mouth-eating saga either, as the ending to it all was just as seemingly bizarre: "We were led across the street, to a dark doorway and into the Bros laboratory. A video of the shirtless kitchen staff doing extreme sports played on a large screen TV while a chef cut us comically tiny slivers of fake cheese."

All of this came for the small, small price of 130-200 euros (around $150-$225) per person. According to the Michelin guide, the restaurant offers two tasting menus, "featuring innovative and surprising tasting dishes—many of which are finished with a theatrical flourish at your table."

According to DeRuiter though, it was much like the Stanford Prison Experiment.

Newsweek contacted the restaurant and was sent a response to the viral review, which is just as would be imagined, given the promise of being shared exactly as shown. Chef Floriano Pellegrino views the menu as true art, not something to be understood or consumed by everyone.