Michigan Man Freezes to Death Inside Home Months After Power Is Cut off

Police have confirmed that a 62-year-old man who was found dead in his Michigan home in sub-zero temperatures had frozen to death.

Emergency services said they gained entry into the home of the man identified as Arnoul Jaros on Saturday, February 15, after relatives became concerned that they hadn't heard from him in at least two months, reported MLive.

When Tittabawassee Township police officers and firefighters got inside the house in Freeland, Saginaw County, they found the 62-year-old's body "in a frozen state." The cause of Jaros' death was ruled as hypothermia.

According to police, there was no electricity in the house and the temperature inside at the time was around 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

In a statement to ABC 12 WJRT, Consumers Energy confirmed that power had been cut off to the house several months prior to the discovery of the body due to non-payment.

"Consumers Energy stopped providing natural gas in May 2019 and electricity in July 2019 to this person's home due to non-payment of bills," a spokesperson said.

"The balance on the account was paid later in July, but Consumers Energy did not receive a request to restore service or a payment for the restoration fee.

"The instructions to restore service appear on all customer shut-off notices. We are currently working with local law enforcement officials to understand more about the situation and are reviewing this person's account records.

"Our thoughts and sympathies go out to this person's friends and loved ones."

Speaking to MLive, Jaros' family said it was not unusual for them to not hear from him for a while as he was a recluse who tended to avoid being social.

The family moved Jaros to the house in Freeland after his mother and brother died in order to make it easier to check up on him.

The family described their shock that Jaros allowed his living situation to spiral as much as it did. They believe he was eating cans of tuna and soup prior to his death, and his home was so cold that even the toilet bowl water had frozen over.

"He could've told anybody. He could've walked to the [neighborhood] office. He could've walked to our house," sister-in-law Karin Jaros said. "It makes no sense to us whatsoever that when something like this happened, he didn't call."

The family said Jaros liked to live frugally to the extent he only had one light bulb screwed in at his home at any one time to save on energy bills. They said it was possible they would not have noticed his electricity had been cut off even if they went round to his home.

Karin Jaros said there were no signs that the 62-year-old was in distress, describing how he even sent a wedding anniversary card to her and her husband Jerold in November, months after his power had been cut off.

"You can't force yourself into someone's home. He's been that way his whole life, so it's not like there was a change in his behavior," Karin Jaros said. "It's not like, 'Oh, he's not answering anymore,' that's just how he's always been."

She added: "He always called when he needed something. Just from his previous actions, we never would've guessed that if he really needed something, he wouldn't have reached out. He always has."

The Tittabawassee Township police department have been contacted for further comment.

(File photo) A woman walks along Woodward Avenue through several inches of snow as the area deals with record breaking freezing weather January 6, 2014 in Detroit, Michigan. Michigan. A 62-year-old man died of hypothermia inside his home in Freeland, Michigam, after his power was cut off. Joshua Lott/Getty