Man Accused of Killing Grindr Date And Eating His Body Parts Found Unresponsive In His Cell After Not Eating, Police Say

A Michigan man accused of murdering his Grindr date was found unresponsive in his cell after not eating, police said.

Mark Latunski, 50, was arrested after 25-year-old hairstylist Kevin Bacon was found dead and hanging by his ankles in Latunski's basement in Morrice, Michigan, late last year. Police said that Latunski admitted that he cooked and ate Bacon's testicles after killing him.

A spokesperson for the Michigan State Police, Lt. David Kaiser, told Newsweek that Latunski was found unresponsive in his cell at the Shiawassee County Jail at around 5:10 p.m. EST on Tuesday. "It appears that he has not been eating since he was lodged," Kaiser said.

Kaiser added that a Trooper escorted Latunski to the hospital in an ambulance. Deputies were assigned to guard Latunski, who returned to the jail Tuesday night, he added.

Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole confirmed to Newsweek that Latunski was found unresponsive during a routine cell check and said he "quickly became attentive" after smelling salts were used, but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution.

BeGole said Latunski's food intake has been down since Friday, but he said it would be "an exaggeration" to call it a hunger strike.

"Deputies found him on the floor during a routine cell check. He did not respond to deputies calls but was breathing normal," BeGole said.

"After using smelling salts, he quickly became attentive. As a precaution due to his reduced consumption he was transported to the hospital for an evaluation."

BeGole added that Latunski was returned to the jail a short time later.

Latunski is accused of killing Bacon after the pair met on popular gay dating app Grindr.

Police said Bacon went missing on Christmas Eve and officers found him dead in a hidden room in Latunski's home on December 28. Kaiser said Latunski told police he stabbed Bacon in the back, then slit his throat.

"In the hidden room they found Kevin Bacon deceased, hanging by his ankles from the ceiling naked," Kaiser previously told Newsweek.

"Mark Latunski told troopers he had stabbed Kevin twice in the back of the neck area and then hung him up by his ankles at which time he then sliced his throat. Latunski told troopers he then cut off his testicles, cooked them and ate them."

Latunski was arraigned on December 30 for one count of open murder and one count of disinterment/mutilation of a dead body.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Latunski's attorney has said his client, who has a history of mental illness, will seek an insanity defense. He is currently awaiting a competency evaluation.

This article has been updated with comments from Shiawassee County Sheriff Brian BeGole.

Mark Latunski
Mark Latunski, 50, is charged with murder and mutilation in the death of Kevin Bacon, who he met on the Grindr dating app. Shiawassee County Sheriff's Office