Michigan Woman Yells Racial Slurs at New Neighbors in Viral Video

A Michigan woman was filmed using racial slurs towards a couple in an incident that has since gone viral. An argument between the woman and the couple took place in Adrian, Michigan, in the early hours of the morning.

In the video, the woman who has been identified as Jessica Evans, says it is illegal to be moving at that time. Bailey Jenkins, who filmed the video and was subjected to the racial slurs, said on Twitter: "The video was taken at 6 AM. I was not moving. I moved four days prior to the video."

Evans tells Jenkins to record "her man" moving furniture and tells her she's going to get her camera to record Jenkins. Evans then says: "You've been screaming since what time? You just moved in. You all are n*****s makings a scene!"

Jenkins tells Evans, "I'm going to find out where you work and you're going to lose your job," to which Evans responds: "I get paid by the government."

hey guys!! this is my new neighbor!! pic.twitter.com/yZxsQD1daS

— bailey (@bailey3jenkins) June 27, 2020

Jenkins tells Evans, "You can't say that word," referring to the racial slur.

Evans then uses it multiple times, telling her: "Really, n*****? You're a n*****, honey," and "Do you think because you're not brown you're not a n*****?"

Jenkins says: "What the f*** is wrong with you?" and Evans says: "N*****s waking me up four, no, I'm sorry 3.30?"

Evans tells Jenkins she is going to get her phone to call the police. She asks them if they're drunk or high on meth. Jenkins tells her, "High on meth? That's you, you're the one with no teeth."

A Twitter user who said she used to live in Jenkins' apartment said in a series of tweets: "Oh girl that's my old neighbor. If I had known YOU were the one moving in I would've warned you.

"Also she's on welfare, she doesn't work for the government. She gets paid by the government bc she doesn't have a job."

The Twitter user also alleges: "Forgot to mention: she beats her kids and her dogs."

This Twitter user shared a video in which Evans appears to be shouting at a police officer and said: "I FOUND THIS OLD VID OF HER YELLING AT A COP BC MY ROOMMATE CALLED ABOUT HER DOG BARKING FOR FOUR HOURS STRAIGHT. She straight up makes up some s*** about a random 'junkie' calling lmaoo"

The video shared by Jenkins has been viewed 5.5 million times and was retweeted by Ice T, who said: "Racist of the day..."

A Facebook account appearing to belong to Jessica Evans wrote: "Ice T tweeted me. He called me the racist of the day. but hey ya'll Ice T tweeted me. You got me messed up if you don't think that got me geeked.

"Race baiters can't bother me; I actually feel quite sorry for you. It's sad to have so much hate and hurt inside that you want to spread misery. You can't spread that over here sad babies. S*** don't spread on ice cold."

In a now-deleted Facebook post, Evans appeared to write: "I called some very white people the n-word. And all these crazy racists associated it with black people and call me the bad guy.

"That's super weird guys cuz... race wasn't involved in this at all... black people weren't involved... Arabs weren't involved... just a white lady calling some meth heads the n-word because they've kept me up every night since they moved in."

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This photo illustration taken on March 22, 2018, shows a woman looking at social networking applications on an iPhone. A video of a woman using racial slurs has gone viral on Twitter and has been viewed more than 5.5 million times. Manan Vatsyayana/Getty