'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Mother Nature Achievement: How to Adjust Weather on Xbox

The "Mother Nature" achievement in Microsoft Flight Simulator requires you to adjust the in-game weather during a live play session. We have prepared a quick guide to help you do this.

Create a Flight Plan in the World Map

The achievement specifies that you will need to tweak the conditions during a flight itself, meaning that you will not be able to earn any gamerscore by heading into the settings page on the main menu. Instead, you will need to hop aboard a plane from the "World Map" and then edit the weather manually using a specific tab.

To clarify, you will not have the option to do this in either "Discovery Flights" or the training missions, as parts of the toolbar are inaccessible during those modes.

To head into a game where you can actually edit the weather, the first thing you will need to do is create a flight plan using the world map.

All you need to do here is select two airports, one for departure and one for arrival, and then initiate the flight by pressing the start button on your Xbox controller.

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Finding the 'Microsoft Flight Simulator' Toolbar on Xbox

From the moment you are dropped onto the runway, you will be able to edit the weather by opening up the toolbar. For those playing on the new Xbox Series X port, this means pressing in the left thumbstick.

Once you have done that, you will notice that a new HUD has appeared at the top of your screen. Here, you will find options for inspecting air traffic control logs, changing the camera perspective, reviewing your flight checklist, and utilizing the co-pilot facilities.

Hover the mouse-style cursor over the cloud icon and then press "A" to open the weather settings. If you are already airborne, the flight assistant will take control of the plane while you are indisposed.

If you cannot find the weather button, it might have been toggled off by mistake. To remedy this, navigate to the gear symbol at the end of the toolbar and then scroll all the way down to the bottom of the list. There you should be able to toggle the weather menu on or off.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Toolbar
By pressing in the left thumbstick, you will open up the tool bar. Asobo Studio

Changing the Weather in 'Microsoft Flight Simulator'

From the weather menu, you will notice various sliders that can be used to adjust things like the time of day, the snow depth, the aerosol density, the precipitation levels, and even the amount of lightning.

Alternatively, there is also a drop-down menu you can use to select a number of preset conditions, such as clear skies, overcast, or scattered clouds.

Fiddling with any of these settings will bag you the "Mother Nature" achievement for 5 gamerscore on Xbox. When you are finished, make sure to close the weather tab and then press in the left thumbstick again so that you can return to piloting your aircraft.

Microsoft Flight Simulator is available to download now as part of the Xbox Game Pass service. As well as boasting stunning visuals and in-depth mechanics, the core appeal of the title is that you can go anywhere in the world, whether that means flying over your own house, ascending to the top of Mount Everest, or even visiting the Cinderella castle over at the Magic Kingdom.

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