Microsoft Wants to Replace Computer Mouse with this Ring

microsoft smart ring mouse VR
Microsoft's smart ring patent describes how "flexion" sensors can be used to control computers and other devices. USPTO/ Newsweek composite

A new smart ring has been designed by Microsoft that could replace the conventional computer mouse.

A recent filing with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office revealed the tech giant wants to use the ring to control computers and other devices. It is the latest in a series of patent filings from Microsoft that relate to a smart ring.

The smart ring uses "flexion sensors" and gyroscopes to detect the position and pose of the wearer's finger. This would mean that rather than clicking a mouse to carry out a task, a wearer could simply tap their finger.

"The present concepts relate to a smart ring that can allow a user to use his/her finger to control a companion device," the patent states.

"The smart ring can detect a pose of the finger [and] also detect and/or interpret movement of the finger and/or fingertip relative to the coordinate system.

"The smart ring can wirelessly transmit information related to the pose and/or movement of the finger to control the companion device."

The technology could potentially be used in conjunction with other wearable devices, such as smartglasses or Microsoft's Hololens virtual reality headset.

A patent filed in 2015 revealed that Apple is also considering a smart ring device, complete with motion sensors, a microphone, touchscreen and cameras. Apple did not comment on the patent at the time.

A spokesperson for Microsoft was unavailable for comment.