What is Mike Bibby Accused of? Former NBA Star Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Arizona Teacher in School Parking Lot

Former NBA star Mike Bibby is under investigation amid allegations of harassment and sexual abuse by a teacher at Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, Arizona.

According to The Arizona Republic, Phoenix Municipal Court granted the teacher a restraining order against Bibby on February 22.

The 40-year-old is currently the head basketball coach at Shadow Mountain. The Paradise Valley Unified School District has confirmed Bibby was under investigation from Phoenix police.

It also added the district was made aware of the claims earlier this month and has been conducting an internal investigation.

In the restraining order, the teacher claimed in February 2017 she saw Bibby, the second overall pick of the 1998 NBA draft, driving around campus while she walking towards her classroom.

She alleged that the former NBA player, whom she did not personally know, called her towards the car. As she approached the vehicle, he got out of the car and picked her up "around her hips," before placing her on the driver's seat.

At this point, the teacher alleged she could smell alcohol in Bibby's breath as he laid on top of her.

The Shadow Mountain coach then reportedly proceeded to grope the teacher and rub his genitals against her. He then followed her into the school building, after she had eventually managed to get out of his car.

She tried to push Bibby away as he held her around the waist and made sexually explicit statements. In the restraining order, the teacher said she felt in a state of "shock, in fear, intimidated by his actions."

A few days after the incident, Bibby reportedly walked into the teacher's classroom uninvited. A day later, she sat down with him and explained he had been "out of line" and urged him to stay away from her.

Bibby admitted he had been drinking on the day of the alleged assault and told the teacher he wanted to date her.

His attorney, Donald Harris, said the former NCAA champion denied the assault ever took place.

"I can say with pretty much certainty this alleged incident didn't happen and that will be shown down the road," he was quoted as saying by USA Today. "Michael Bibby did not participate in a sexual assault of any way, shape or form that was alleged by this lady two years ago."

Shadow Mountain is Bibby's alma mater and the point guard was part of the team that won the school's first state championship in 1996. A year later, as a freshman at the University of Arizona, Bibby was part of the Wildcats team that beat the University of Kentucky to 84-79 to clinch their first and so far only national title.

Bibby entered the NBA after his sophomore season at Arizona and was selected by the Vancouver Grizzlies with the number two pick. He spent three seasons in Canada, before enjoying the best segment of his career during a seven-season spell with the Sacramento Kings.

In 2008, his sojourn in California came to an end and Bibby moved to Atlanta, where he spent three seasons with the Hawks, before cups of coffee in Washington, Miami and New York.

Having retired at the end of the 2012 season, the New Jersey native returned to his alma mater in a coaching role and on Saturday he led the varsity boys' basketball team to its fourth consecutive state title, the fifth in his six years at the school.

 Mike Bibby
Mike Bibby #10 of the Ghost Ballers is introduced before tipoff against the Ball Hogs during week nine of the BIG3 three-on-three basketball league at the American Airlines Center on August 17, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. Ron Jenkins/BIG3/Getty Images
What is Mike Bibby Accused of? Former NBA Star Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Arizona Teacher in School Parking Lot | Sports