Mike Pence Says Donald Trump is Better Than a Magic Wand

Vice President Mike Pence has suggested that President Donald Trump is better than a magic wand when it comes to boosting employment in the U.S.

Speaking at an event in Duryea, Pennsylvania, Monday, Pence discussed the U.S.-Mexico-Canada agreement that aims to boost North America's economy and "create more balanced, reciprocal trade that supports high-paying jobs for Americans."

The vice president said Trump has managed to succeed where the former administration had not in terms of protecting manufacturing jobs, also touting "the man who wrote The Art of the Deal" as driving a hard bargain on trade to secure the best deal for American workers.

"Since President Trump's election, we've seen a real renaissance in manufacturing. I mean, it really is pretty incredible. I mean, you remember the last administration? The president, in the summer of 2016, actually said that 200,000 manufacturing jobs that they'd lost over their eight years in the White House were never coming back," Pence said at the event, hosted by glass company Schott North America and the National Association of Manufacturers.

"I remember when President Obama said, 'What do you—you have a magic wand you're going to wave to bring those jobs back?' Well, we didn't need a magic wand. We just needed President Donald Trump in the White House. Five hundred thousand manufacturing jobs created in the last three years," he added.

"Incredible. Including nearly 2,000 manufacturing jobs just in this state alone. And results like this don't just happen. The truth is, all of this happens because of the policies that this president and our allies in the Congress have supported every step of the way. But they also have happened—they've also happened mostly because, quite frankly, working Americans are the best workers in the world. All of you are driving the boom in this company, in this state, and in this country. It's true."

Explaining that the USMCA agreement had has "fighting every day for trade deals that are free and fair and reciprocal," Pence doubled down on Trump's recent statement about the unemployment rate, which is currently at a 50-year low, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

"The unemployment rate is at a 50-year low, and the unemployment rate for African-Americans and Hispanic-Americans is the lowest level ever recorded. The American dream is working again for every American," Pence added.

Pence's comments came as Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden also targeted Pennsylvania, a swing state in the 2020 election.

Biden, ahead of Pence's visit to the state, gave a statement to The Citizens' Voice slamming Trump and added: "Mike Pence has been his complicit sidekick, propping up Trump's trade wars and slighting hard-working Americans in Luzerne County and across the country."