12 Missing After U.S. Military Helicopters Collide in Hawaii

hawaii helicopter crash_0115
A dozen people are feared missing after two U.S. military helicopters crashed off the northern coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu on Thursday night. The search for survivors is ongoing. A U.S. Coast Guard ship patrols near the coast of Hanauma Bay on Oahu, January 1, 2015. Gary Cameron/Reuters

A dozen people are missing after two Marine helicopters crashed off the coast of the Hawaiian island of Oahu on Thursday night.

The U.S. Coast Guard and Honolulu Fire Department are searching for survivors of the collision, which happened during a nighttime training mission, according to local media. The Marine Corps reported the incident just before midnight on Thursday, Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Sara Mooers told the Associated Press. Each helicopter was carrying six people, said Mooers.

The cause of the crash is so far unknown and it's not clear if any survivors have been discovered. Debris from the crash has been spotted more than two miles off the coast of Oahu, near the town of Haleiwa on the island’s north coast, said Moeers.

This is the second U.S. military helicopter crash in Hawaii in a year. In May, two U.S. Marines died after an Osprey aircraft crashed in Hawaii during a training exercise. 

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