Florida Man Jailed After Fighting About Whether Whole or Almond Milk Is Better

An old saying goes you must pick the hill you're willing to die on. For one man, at least, that hill was milk.

Justin Anthony Garcia got into a verbal argument with another man this past weekend over which type of milk was better: almond milk or whole milk. The disagreement escalated to a surprising degree, eventually turning physical, with punches thrown, and then Garcia chasing after the other man when he fled with a pocket knife. The victim eventually suffered a small laceration on his torso.

Almond Milk seen in more peaceful days. Getty Images

Justin Garcia, 30, was arrested and charged with Aggravated Battery. The arresting officers were from Lee County, Florida, and the Sheriff's Office there had a little fun at Garcia's expense. The Office posted a small story, which made the local news, on their Facebook page. It poked fun at Garcia, claiming he "cried over spilled milk" when the victim wouldn't agree that his choice was "obviously superior."

The debate between almond milk and dairy is not new, of course. It just doesn't typically end in fists flying and blood flowing. Almond milk is nutritious, low in calories and serves as a viable alternative beverage for vegans, as well as for people who are lactose intolerant or allergic to dairy.

Many people choose almond milk simply as a health choice. Along with having much less calories than dairy milk--especially whole milk--it contains fewer carbohydrates and (if unsweetened) no added sugar, which means it won't spike your sugar levels. It's also higher in healthful fats, and contains a high intake of the antioxidant Vitamin E, which may reduce serious health risks like heart disease and some cancers. Almond milk is cholesterol-friendly due to low amounts of saturated fats and low in phosphorus and potassium, which those suffering from chronic kidney disease can't process well.

Dairy milk advocates point to the cow product having more vitamin D, the "sunshine vitamin" so many of us need due to lack of outdoor time during COVID-19 lockdown restrictions. Protein, calcium--important for bone health--and the energizing, nervous system-boosting Vitamin B-12 are also more plentiful in dairy milk. However, many brands of almond milk offer varieties that are fortified with all of these.

If dietary restrictions or conscientious choice aren't considerations, then it all really comes down to taste. Whereas dairy milk has a decidedly creamy flavor, almond milk possesses a noticeably nutty (go figure) flavor.

The key part of information not released about the arrest in Lee County is if Garcia preferred almond or whole milk. The sheriff's office has not responded for comment as of press time.

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