Woman Looks '15 Years Younger' After Following Advice by TikTok Teens

Being a millennial on TikTok can't be the easiest thing, with the app throwing out their beloved middle parts and skinny jeans, and dubbing anything post-y2k and pre-2019 "cheugy."

Rather than use popular audios to slam the generational differences, one TikTok user called for help from Gen Z, asking how exactly she can make herself look more youthful.

"Does the eyeliner and side part age me, please be honest but not mean," wrote Alezandra, posting a selfie video with the hashtags #cheugy and #needaglowup.

With 252,000 views, the comments were flooded with advice on how to youthen her look from Gen Z TikTok users, often focusing on current make-up and hair trends.

"You're beautiful and this look really suits you! But if you're going for a more youthful vibe, I would go for a middle part and more natural makeup," wrote one user.

"I would say stick to matte eyeshadows as the shimmer is aging. Middle part in the hair would be gorgeous," another wrote.

Although a majority of the comments focused on the ultra-trendy middle part, some said that "the hair is fine," but that "the eyeliner is the issue."

In the first step of Alezandra's "millennial makeover," as she called it, was getting rid of the heavy eyeliner. "I like it a lot," she wrote while showing the new style to the camera.

Viewers were pleased with the progress and continued to suggest what she should do for the next step.

"Huge difference," wrote one viewer. "Much better, just a bit lighter on the eyeshadow and more matte, heavy eyeshadow is not in right now."

If TikToking teens want less makeup, then less makeup is what they're going to get. The next video showed Alezandra trying exactly that, using matte eyeshadow and light brown liner instead. "Let me know when I look 25 otherwise I will have to continue this series."

Next came the moment of the "millennial makeover" that everyone had been waiting for: the middle part, the true definer of the generations.

"You ladies make it look so easy to do. Help me," wrote Alezandra, showing her newly middle parted and straight hair.

It's the transformation video she shared three days ago that has amassed over 300,000 views, showing how "TikTok helped me look 15 years younger in a week," comparing the before and after.

"I'm not done yet," she added.

Since, Alezandra has cut popular curtain bangs that have seen a 70s revival over the past year. "Not even Jesus be recognizing me today," she wrote. Blush placed higher on her cheekbones has been the latest step in the series—a current trick praised for making cheekbones look sharper.

Although Alezandra has been more than open to following the advice and trends of Gen Z, the same can't be said for all millennials on the app. In recent months, the app has hosted users who have rushed to the defense of their skinny jeans and side part preferences, whether they're in style or not, including parody songs and raps.

It's a tale as old as time: the younger generation thinks the older generation is uncool, the older generation doesn't agree. The only difference? Millennials don't have a 24/7 worldwide platform to tell it to the boomers on.

The makeover, however, has bridged the gap between the styles, with viewers rushing to compliment Alezandra for her new change.

"I watched this not knowing the only difference was makeup. I assumed you were doing treatment. The difference is drastic," wrote one user.

"Wow, amazing. You look so fresh and glow. You're a queen for being able to take constructive criticism. I could never, I would cry," added another.

Woman applying makeup
Stock image of a woman applying makeup in a mirror. Getty Images

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