Stephen Miller Protesters Accuse Him of Kidnapping Children and 'Promoting' Nazism in 'Wanted' Flyer

Protesters outside senior White House adviser Stephen Miller's Washington apartment Monday night reportedly handed out flyers accusing him of kidnapping children and promoting Nazism.

Miller is an outspoken hard-liner on immigration. He has become the target of outrage following the Trump administration's decision to enact a policy that led to immigrant children being taken from their parents following illegal border crossings.

The "Wanted" flyer, as seen by a reporter for the Washington, D.C., media outlet DCist, labeled Miller a "white nationalist, Trump lackey and architect of both the Muslim ban and family separation."

"We believe that Stephen Miller is, Guilty of: Kidnapping 2,500 children, Crimes against humanity, Banning Muslims, Promoting Nazi, White Supremacist and Islamophobic ideologies," the flyer read. It also included a picture of Miller.

They are handing out these flyers to Stephen Miller's neighbors at the luxe CityCenterDC

— Rachel Sadon (@Rachel_Sadon) June 25, 2018

The protesters did not call for anyone to apprehend Miller but to tell him that his great-grandfather was also a refugee who came to the U.S. in November 1932, in reference to a report by Yahoo News last week.

According to reports, the 20 or so protesters gathered outside Miller's CityCenterDC apartment complex to directly challenge the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" immigration policy. Some of the complex's residents supported the protesters' efforts, but at least one resident argued with a protester, according to USA Today.

The protest was the latest against a top administration official as the government scrambles to reunite children separated from their parents. Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen was heckled by protesters last week while she dined at a Mexican restaurant, and in a separate incident Miller was called a "fascist" by one protester.

Protesters with grassroots group CREDO Action also stationed themselves outside of Nielsen's home in Virginia last week, with one holding a sign labeling Nielsen a "child snatcher." The protesters also blasted audio recordings of immigrant children crying.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was also asked to leave an Arlington restaurant by its owner Friday, specifically because of her position with the Trump administration.

President Donald Trump, after originally and repeatedly claiming there was no action he could take to stop the separation of children from their parents, signed an executive order last week that stopped the practice—but also kept the "zero-tolerance" policy in place.

The order was viewed as Trump retreating from his hard-line stance on immigration, an issue he based much of his 2016 campaign on. The president has also called for Congress to pass two measures currently up for debate to "fix" the country's immigration system.