Toddler's Bond Since Birth With Husky Melts Hearts Online

The heartwarming lifelong friendship between a 3-year-old boy and his dog has gone viral online, after his parents shared a montage of them throughout the years—all the way from being a newborn.

The Wallman family are from Manchester in England, and have gained a large following online on @milperthusky with cute images and videos of their three huskies: Millie, Rupert and Lola.

It's Millie's adorable bond with Parker, one of their three children, that has captured the attention online this time though, as Reddit rediscovered a montage of the pair and boosted it on the popular site.

The video, created by the family, is a yearly tradition, showing their ever-growing bond. Posted in June, the video began with Parker and Millie's initial meeting as a newborn, with the husky coming to sniff him.

At one week, Millie is comfortable enough to rest her snout on Parker's head, who is also at ease. One month sees the pair snuggling on the floor, with the dog's head in Parker's lap.

By three months, Parker is just as interested in Millie as she initially was with him, petting her head and taking focus on her ear. Zooming forward to one year of friendship, and Millie is up close and personal, licking Parker's face.

At two years old, the canine and toddler duo are tucked up in bed together, sleeping arm in arm. A few months later and they're once again cuddling. Bringing their friendship to 2021, a 3-year-old Parker is still playing with Millie, and of course still cuddling too.

The viral montage gained over 135,000 views on TikTok, and 470,000 on Instagram, but found fame online again on Wednesday, with 42,000 votes to Reddit in the "Made Me Smile" Subreddit. This resurfaced video, however, was 2020's version of the tradition.

The heart-melting video has served as a reminder for many who grew up with their own Millie, with paw prints over their childhood memories.

"My parents rescued a Newfoundland two years before I was born and he was the sweetest dog. When I was learning to walk he just stood there and let me use his ears to hold as I was standing up. He always wanted to walk in between me and the gutter drain just in case I fell in. He lived to be 15 and was probably the best dog I could ask for," wrote one user.

"We had a Keeshond when I was born and my parents told me they had to put him into training for a while because he was too protective of me when I was a baby. When people he didn't know would come around me, he wasn't having it," recounted another user.