Black Fetus Doll Found Hanging at Wisconsin Fire Station Sparks Outrage

The Milwaukee Fire Department has promised that disciplinary action will be taken after a black figurine was found hanging by a ribbon at a station.

An investigation was launched after a small black fetus doll was found hanging by a pink looped ribbon off a hook on February 13.

According to a statement by the Milwaukee Fire Department Administration, "numerous members" of the Milwaukee Fire Department, including ranks of Lieutenant, Captain, Battalion Chief, and Deputy Chief, were identified as being aware, or should have been aware, that the presence of the doll would have shown the department as not being a "diverse, welcoming, safe, and non-hostile" working environment.

Mayor Tom Barrett described the incident as "disgusting" to WISN while calling for those responsible to be prosecuted.

Disciplinary charges have now been drawn up and are expected to be announced later this week. Numerous members will also have letters of reprimand placed in their files because of their "failure to maintain good order."

"While the investigation's findings do not reveal a deliberate or intentional racist or sexist intent, nor an effort to target any individual member or group, it is no small matter that our failure, collectively, to maintain and reinforce an environment and culture within which an occurrence such as this would instantly be questioned and stopped, bears much responsibility for this," the statement added.

"The Milwaukee Fire Department finds any word, action, or deed which negatively impacts any of our members (or members of the many vibrant communities we serve) based upon age, culture, ethnicity, race, religious expression, sexual orientation, gender expression, or the expression of unique philosophies and ideas, in a word, reprehensible.

"It is our hope that from this wretched episode greater understanding and positive and real change will occur."

Mayor calls hanging of black figurine at firehouse 'disgusting'

— WISN 12 NEWS (@WISN12News) June 30, 2020

The Milwaukee Fire Department will also be undergoing anti harassment training within the next few months as a result of the incident.

Alderwoman Milele Coggs announced she has introduced a communication file to help clarify the recent events at the fire department, as well as examining how it deals with these sorts of incidents.

"This file can allow for a public discussion as we continue to seek as much transparency as possible within local government," Coggs said.

"Most importantly, we need to make sure every department within the City fosters an open, welcoming and inclusive environment for all people to feel safe and respected.

"Incidents like the one that occurred should not be acceptable and making sure they are dealt with in an appropriate manner is vitally important."

An Aspen Volunteer Fire Department fire truck sits in the fire station in Aspen, Colorado. An investigation was launched after a black doll was found hanging in a Milwaukee Fire Department station. Robert Alexander/Getty