Milwaukee Shooting Sparks Mayhem Among Huge Crowd of Celebrating Bucks Fans

Milwaukee Bucks fans ran for safety just hours after the NBA team's championship victory when dozens of gunshots rang out while people celebrated in the street.

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, more than a dozen shots were fired at a location between Water Street and Juneau Avenue at about 12:45 a.m. local time on Wednesday.

The outlet added that as of 1 a.m. three people had been seen handcuffed on Juneau Avenue.

It added that a police officer told one of the outlet's reporters: "We probably have some injuries."

According to TMJ4 News reporter Ben Jordan, who was near the celebrating fans at the time of the shooting, the gunshots rang out from a parking lot.

In a video recorded for the station, dozens of people could be seen walking around and away from the parking lot, with many also being seen running away from the scene.

Police and emergency service crews could be seen nearby, with some having gathered around what appeared to be an injured person on the ground just yards away from the parking lot.

A handcuffed man wearing a grey hooded top and grey sweatpants was also spotted being taken away from the scene by two police officers.

It is unclear whether any charges have been pressed against the arrested man, or what he was arrested on suspicion of.

There was no confirmation about the condition of those injured, how many had suffered gunshot wounds and the identities of those arrested.

It was also unclear what the motivation behind the shooting was and whether it was related in any way to celebrations following the Bucks' historic win.

The shooting happened just hours after the Milwaukee Bucks secured their first title in 50 years when they beat the Phoenix Suns in a 105-98 point victory.

The win sparked an outpouring of celebrations across the city with fans being seen dancing on cars and in the street.

Last week, terrified fans fled the stands at the Nationals Park in Washington. D.C. after gunshots were heard outside the stadium.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), police raced to the 1500 block of South Capitol Street after two people were shot outside the stadium.

Newsweek has contacted the Milwaukee Police Department for comment.

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File photo of yellow law enforcement line with police car and lights in the background. The shooting happened just hours after the Bucks won their first title for 50 years. carlballou/iStock / Getty Images Plus