Mindy Kaling Praises 'Crazy Rich Asians' For Strong, Single Mother Plot

Mindy Kaling is the latest celebrity to praise Crazy Rich Asians and she found it special for a personal reason. Kaling, who is a single mother, commented on the strong bond between mother and daughter in the film.

"No one told me that Crazy Rich Asians would also carry a powerful statement about single moms and their bonds with their daughters. I was bawling. Crazy Ugly Crying From Me," the actor said on her Twitter account Monday.

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Kaling, who appeared in The Mindy Project and Oceans 8, had daughter Katherine in December 2017. Though Kaling is private about her daughter's upbringing, she's spoken about the joys and worries single motherhood has brought her.

"I knew how much I would love her and love the experience of being with her. I never understood how much I would worry and how much that worry is unceasing," she told Today in March. "Happiness for me, now, is just a feeling of relief. I'm in a constant state of worry but I'm enjoying it too. I hope she's developing correctly—I'm anxious constantly. I'm hoping that will change a little bit. I haven't even thought about when she's bigger."

She also explained motherhood "is so rewarding in a way you can't explain. I look back at myself—it's very crazy to me. I feel brave having done it."

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Along with the maternal storyline, Kaling praised Crazy Rich Asians for the strong, Asian actors.

"Not to be tacky but it felt so good to be immersed in so much Asian attractiveness. Even more than the tiny waists and 8 packs (which was super impressive), there were so many beautiful happy Asian couples. I loved it," Kaling tweeted.

Kaling also noted the movie was a fitting romantic comedy, complete with a makeover montage scene, but also included a strong female lead. She boasted of Constance Wu's acting skills as well as her character's career as an Economic Professor at NYU.

"Constance was revelatory. Such a superstar, so warm and vulnerable. And AN ECON PROFESSOR romantic comedy lead! Bye cupcake bakery art dealer blahdee blah girl," she said.

Crazy Rich Asians follows the relationship of Nick and Rachel, who meets Nick's uber-rich family for the first time. Rachel is thrown into a world of glamour and standards she has never known.

The film has been an immense hit at the box office and pulled in $22.2 million over Labor Day weekend alone, according to the New York Times on Sunday. The film has earned almost $111 million in North America in the three weeks it has been out. A sequel is expected.

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