Minecraft 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1: Snapshot Brings Tons of Fixes for Village & Pillage Update

Mojang has released a new 1.14.1 snapshot that fixes bugs found in update 1.14. Find out everything new and changes in the 1.14.1 pre-release, here.​

It's been two weeks since the release of Minecraft's massive 1.14 Village & Pillage update, and while the update came with a ton of exciting new changes, it also brought a plethora of bugs and glitches to hammer out. To address these early release issues, Mojang has deployed its first pre-release of version 1.14.1. In this snapshot, the company addresses numerous reported gameplay and performance issues. Players testing the pre-release should see performance and stability improvements such as better enderman and villager AI as well as improvements to chunk rendering. Meanwhile, quirks like flame enchanted bows not igniting TNT or missing raid sound effects have also been fixed. The list of fixes is substantial so we've provided a complete rundown of all that's new and changed in the 1.14.1 pre-release, below. Players who want to test the 1.14.1 pre-release, can install the snapshot by opening the Minecraft Launcher and enabling snapshots in the "Launch Options" tab. To prevent corruption, players are advised to backup their worlds or run the snapshot in a different folder than their main worlds. The devs are also encouraging players to report any bugs they encounter after installing the 1.14.1 pre-release on the official Minecraft bug tracker.

Minecraft 1.14.1 Pre-Release 1: Everything New and Changed

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Minecraft 1.14.1 pre-release one features a wide array of bug fixes for the latest Village & Pillage update. Mojang
  • MC-44793 - Tamed wolf can't sit on slime blocks
  • MC-126946 - Execution order is reversed when calling a function in some cases
  • MC-128441 - /tp uses context dimension rather than destination entity's dimension
  • MC-128565 - Function tag ordering is inconsistent across reloads and does not respect datapack ordering
  • MC-131014 - Observers and block states not updated by tree growth
  • MC-136442 - Blocks of giant mushrooms don't send block updates after growing
  • MC-140317 - Ladder in village house doesn't reach the floor
  • MC-142817 - Mobs try to pathfind through corners
  • MC-143699 - Trader llamas won't despawn
  • MC-144904 - Enderman can teleport to the void
  • MC-145097 - Leather horse armor is higher in inventory slot
  • MC-145265 - Night is not skipped when all but one players on a server are sleeping, and the remaining player leaves the server
  • MC-145744 - Villager AI (POI detection) pegs CPU at 100%, causes lag in 19w13a
  • MC-145862 - Villagers try to sleep in occupied beds
  • MC-146674 - Missing Jigsaw Blocks for Beds in some Village Structures
  • MC-146811 - Enderman AI causing HIGH ms tick lag
  • MC-146935 - Crafting table uses outdated plank texture
  • MC-147013 - Villagers can get hit by their own firework
  • MC-147022 - Many village houses are inadequately lit
  • MC-147212 - Iron golems can spawn in spaces less than three blocks high and get stuck
  • MC-147479 - Villagers continue to shake their head after they found a workstation
  • MC-147578 - Beacon NBT "Levels" is missing
  • MC-147590 - Missing floor block in village/desert/houses/desert_medium_house_1
  • MC-147643 - Villagers don't sleep in beds
  • MC-147676 - The event.raid.horn sound effect cannot always be heard whilst in a village
  • MC-147819 - Custom villager with large trades has scroll bar that goes outside GUI screen
  • MC-147880 - Pillager Outposts don't generate in snowy biomes
  • MC-147890 - Hostile mobs are not spawning
  • MC-148165 - Bow with Flame Enchantment does not Activate TNT when Hit on the Top
  • MC-148179 - Ender dragon fly in circles after shooting projectile at her and never comes down to the portal
  • MC-148454 - Villager trade GUI shows incorrect price when a discount is applied on servers
  • MC-148476 - Books still have an NBT tag (RepairCost of 0) after removal of enchantments using Grindstone
  • MC-148529 - Name of enchanted book is lost after removing its enchantments in a grindstone
  • MC-148567 - taiga_animal_pen_1 water trough has water recessed 1 block beneath trapdoors
  • MC-148580 - Server lighting still broken in 1.14 pre-4
  • MC-148624 - The banner on the Pillager Outpost structure is incorrectly named
  • MC-148830 - Game crashed while loading chunks
  • MC-149040 - Iron ore texture has four miscoloured pixels
  • MC-149178 - Chunk rendering is extremely slow and random in 1.14
  • MC-149209 - Cats jitter when sitting on slime blocks
  • MC-149278 - Wolf AI can cause extremely severe lag spikes when in combat with a distant mob
  • MC-149420 - Hostile mobs not despawning at 128+ blocks
  • MC-149576 - Villagers won't sleep in their beds
  • MC-149835 - Villagers can find a job, but can't lose the job

What do you think of the 1.14.1 pre-release? Are there additional issues that need fixing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.