Mini Q+A: Daryl Hannah Shares Her Earth Day Tips

Green actress Daryl Hannah is featured in the Oscar-nominated documentary "The Garden," about a group of community farmers and eco-activists who protested a Los Angeles developer's move to turn 14 acres of communal garden space into warehouses and factories. (You may remember Hannah's arrest while protesting the development in 2006, when Los Angeles police removed her from a tree.) The film opens in New York theaters on May 8 -- ahead of its release, and in honor of Earth Day, Hannah shares her favorite green tips with Pop Vox:

    • Always keep a refillable stainless steel water bottle on hand (in your car or in your backpack) wherever you are, to alleviate the need for ridiculous, excessive plastic bottles that outgas.
    • Try to grow some of your own fruit and veggies -- if you don't have a garden, you can even do it on window sill and it's fun!
    • Use only non toxic, biodegradable products to clean your body, your home and your yard.