Minnesota Congressional Race Gets Profane

Democratic Minnesota congressional candidate and state Sen. Tarryl Clark released a provocative video on her campaign Web site today, one including a few choice words for her opponent, incumbent GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann. The spot's voice-over accuses Bachmann of standing up for "special interests" in Washington and backing BP during the fallout over the Gulf Coast oil spill, while concluding that she's "not doing @#%! for the people of the Sixth District." (The presumed expletive is bleeped out.)

When asked about the ad, Carrie Lucking, communications director for the Clark campaign, more or less reiterated the video's claims: "We think it is critically important that voters in the Sixth District understand that Michele Bachmann has done more than her fair share for special interests and little or nothing for the people in her district."

Lucking says the video was made in good humor but also with the goal of bringing Bachmann's record to the voters' attention. "Nothing we do is without intent," she says. "We absolutely discussed the use of it, and came to the conclusion that it was critical for people to know the record, and this was a way in which we could speak to voters."

Lucking points out that the Clark campaign's sense of humor has been evident in previous videos, such as the "real Jim" clips, a response to Bachmann's "Jim the Election Guy" videos. Sergio Gor, press secretary for the Bachmann campaign, declined to comment on the latest Clark ad.

Although recent polls show Bachmann leading Clark by about 9 percentage points, perhaps a viral video or two in the last month of the campaign will help close that gap, or at least raise her profile by (ahem) attracting the attention of the national media.